Why You Need To Be Shopping On Trendlee Right Now!


When a new website launches, they tend to lower their prices to create a buzz and get shoppers on their website. Well I am telling you, get your butt over to Trendlee! The short story is they’re the “sister” website of Rebagg which I covered as an option for Fast Cash for your handbags. They’ve been around for a year or so but just recently, received another round of funding and are marketing the heck out of their services (buying then selling handbags).

I’ll delve deeper into their business models in another post but instead of me going on and on, I’ll just show you a few of their handbags they have for sale and you can see that they’re seriously becoming a huge contender in the designer resale space.

Click on the pictures and it will take you to their website. You’re welcome!

Saint Laurent Zip Around Hobo TrendleeSaint Laurent zip around hobo / $380

Chanel Front Flap Shoulder Bag Caviar TrendleeChanel Front Flap Shoulder Bag Caviar Leather / $1,045

Givenchy Pandora Bag TrendleeGivenchy Pandora Medium / $925

Hermes Birkin Indigo Evergrain TrendleeHermes Indigo Evergrain Birkin w/Palladium Hardware / $6,175

Chanel Square Quilted Madamoiselle Flap TrendleeChanel Mademoiselle / $620

Dolce & Gabbana Snakeskin Flap Bag TrendleeDolce & Gabbana Snakeskin Flap Bag / $280

Alexander Wang Willow Frame Messenger Bag TrendleeAlexander Wang Willow Frame Messenger Bag / $340

Okay, I could literally go on forever but they have 54 pages of bags to peruse from! Like I said, get over to Trendlee before they raise their prices!

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