Why BOR can be a better option than consignment


This past weekend I had a tiny fit while trying to find something in my closets. Yes, I have two very large closets and they’re jam packed with my day to day clothes, all of my bags, shoes while the rest of it filled with items I’ve picked up thrifting over the years. Some of those items we’re listed on Poshmark (that’s a whole other story) and the rest were things I hadn’t listed yet, wasn’t sure if I was going to go back to Tradesy, send to an online consignment juggernaut or just let sit for another year. Well, as I stood in front of one of my closets, I couldn’t find what I was looking for, got pissed and starting pulling everything out of both. Did I mention that my shower has a shelving unit in it (die hard bubble bath girl) and I have even more bags, shoes, clothing and more for listing at some point in that too? I know, hoard much!

So, going through both closets and the shower, I had a very large pile of really good pieces that while one part I thought maybe if I listed somewhere, I may get a higher price but I have to do the work and I’m over that (again, whole other story and that is coming soon) or, ship off to a resale company that can do the work for me but then who knows if they’ll actually take my items, what’s my ACTUAL split and….again, too much work or, I can take it down to my local BOR location which is Crossroads Trading, get a bunch of cash today and be done with it. I chose the latter and here’s why.

If you’ve never heard of Crossroads Trading, they have locations all over the US and you can bring your items in to sell for cash or credit that day. They are just like Clothes Mentor or Style Encore and I decided I’m over it so I loaded everything up and headed out.

I live in Silicon Valley and there are two locations that are close to me. One has a higher end feel and the items they get are more luxury so I started there first. I already knew I wasn’t going to take the cash because you get a higher pay out if you take store credit and they get in so many crazy things for the best prices…well, you know what the plan is!

So, I check in, browse the store a bit then they call my name. It took them a good 20-30 minutes to go through everything and when it was all said and done, I had a $250 credit and a bag full of items they did not accept. No worries there as now we’re off to there other location!

Thirty minutes later I have another $150 plus on my card and I still have a bag left that I’ll send to one of the juggernauts because I would much rather have someone else do this for me and while I literally spent less than $75 on everything I had, my closet is clean and now I have money to spend!

Many consignment stores are moving to a BOR model because it’s a much easier way of doing business without having to deal with contracts, tracking down clothes, cutting checks on time and with this model, you have complete control and you own everything. If you don’t have a BOR location near you (click here to find a location), check with your local consignment shop and ask them if they buy outright.  Note that you will not receive a payout like you would if you sold it yourself online or placed it on consignment but the ease of use I feel is way worth for most items.

Tips to receive the highest payout when selling outright:

  • Luxury brands sell the best – no brainer
  • Clean, neatly folded clothing – You don’t need to bring in on hangers but make sure your items are clean
  • Seasons – Check each companies website or social media to see what season they are buying
  • Vintage or off label brands- Bring them in! Each location and frankly, each buyer sees things a little differently so I would bring it in and give it a shot. Also on that note, if they don’t buy something bring it back at another time. I’ve had really good luck waiting a few months and bringing it back again and score, they taken it!

While I’ve listed the larger BOR chains stores here, there may be one in your area and also try your local consignment store!

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