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Building any business is an undertaking like no other but launching your own luxury resale company, well, that comes with its own set of rules, and with this industry slated to hit $64 BILLION by 2024, now is the perfect time to turn that side hustle into a business and with Marque Mentor, you’ll always have a support system to help guide and educate from start to success!

A little refresher on my story. I’ve been in this industry for almost 15 years and started out as an eBay trading assistant when that was actually a thing! Back then, the luxury resale industry was in its infancy and treasures were to be found by thrifting. After selling a collection of vintage Gucci for a customer I knew I could turn this into a business so I worked on building everything, from hiring a company to build my website (I got screwed) marketing, finding consigners, finding customers, and everything in between. I cannot tell you how much time and money I lost due to the lack of information that was not readily available and support from people I could trust. After selling that company and taking a break, I jumped back in with my second luxury resale business and while this time there was more information online (still have my first authentication binder) finding the right information from sources I could trust was so time consuming. Even now, just Google authentication and what you’ll find is the same information, repeated usually verbatim and I’d be safe to bet you that each of those websites that are trying to help educate is actually resale companies linking their bags throughout that blog.

I don’t begrudge a company trying to make money, that’s kind of what we’re all here for but I have to question the ulterior motives from anyone trying to educate also selling.

This is why I along with Quentin Caruana, CEO of Marque Luxury,  created Marque Mentor. We built this program based on what we both wish we had when we were first starting out in this industry, building our first businesses.  From education information on the steps you need to take to be legal, to what platforms are the best to build your website on (if you choose to go that route) we’ve thought of everything you’ll have questions on and launched an e-course, How to Launch a Luxury Resale Business on the Teachable platform.

No one knows where you are in the process of building your business or what your goals and dreams are so how we’ve set up the Marque Mentor program is pretty simple.  We’ve brought on industry professionals as advisors like me, Graham Wetzbarger, FoxyLV and more to answer your questions in real-time in the Private Learning Platform (PLP) built on Slack. You will receive immediate access to this platform and while it’s not a lot different from any other group you can join, here you receive guidance and support from people you can trust with the whole goal being your success.

What’s the cost? Actually less than a dinner out! Seriously though, I’ve broken down everything below and when you weigh it all out, aren’t you worth the investment?

  • No contracts or commitments
  • Monthly ($49) and yearly ($490) memberships turn into a monthly $100 credit to use at Marque Luxury (buy yourself a wallet, save $100!)
  • Instant approval to purchase wholesale as you build your business
  • Access to the PLP where members and advisors post and communicate daily on topics such as authentication, pricing, social media, website building, business, and more.
  • Monthly Live calls on relevant topics
  • One on One private calls with me to talk about your business, where you may need help, and anything else!
  • Partner discounts from companies like Entrupy, Real Authentication and more.
  • Free access to the e-course How to Launch a Luxury Resale Business
  • Discounted registration to authentication e-courses
  • Live selling at any one of the Marque Luxury showrooms with their products! Yes, you read that correctly! Book a time, get people excited then go live on your social media and sell Marque Luxury products. No upfront investment and all the reward!
  • Exclusive content created for members only
  • Private Invitation to the Marque Mentor Summit (when safe to hold)

Think about it this way. What if you had someone to bounce ideas off of, guidance on the business side of things, help with all the little things like logos, social media, wesbite building all with zero judgement, just honest support? That’s what Marque Mentor is, support from people who have experience in this industry and really want to see you be successful!

There are big plans in the works and you’ll have a front-row seat for it all so if you’re thinking about launching your own luxury resale business, now is the time to jump in!

To learn more about Marque Mentor and the courses offered, please click the links below and if you still have questions, feel free to email me!


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