When Shipping Is More Than The Product


This is so ridiculous, I just had to share. I wrote last week about Tradesy and how I have been selling on that platform for the last year or so with decent success. Maybe I’m a snob but when certain things happen on a companies website, it seems like it’s the beginning of the end for them and while I understand that mistakes can happen, when the users start to game the system, you’ve lost control.

Exhibit A

Tradesy Front Page

What a lovely group of Michael Kors bags and so pretty in color! Wait, what? $1.00 for a bag? That’s crazy! I’m buying…..STAT!

Exhibit B

Michael Kors on Tradesy

What the hell is this? $1 for the bag and $224 for shipping? That’s crazy and against company policies.

This bag has over 20 likes and I’m shocked that it’s still live on their website.

If your not familiar how Tradesy works, they take 9% of your sales price so that’s how they make their money. Now, if you’re in business to make money in which I don’t know any business who is not, why would you allow your users to steal from you? Is it that they are so big that cannot keep track of what’s being listed on their own website and if that’s the case, how are you expected to have any faith in this company?

This is the same thing that started happening on eBay years ago when they let everyone and their mother sell fake handbags on their website.

Tradesy, your future is clear if you don’t get a handle on your business practices. And my gosh, remove that listing. It looks cheap.


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