What Is Gripoix?


If you’ve seen or heard the word Gropoix and weren’t sure what it meant, I’m here to help!

I’ve seen it not only with Chanel jewelry but other vintage pieces and really didn’t have any idea on what it meant so I started doing a little research and found a couple of really great, older articles that gave me a good overview of who is behind the process and how it started.

1980’s Chanel Multicolor Gripoix Earrings ~ Vintage Lux at 1st Dibs

“Gripoix is made from “Pâte de verre,” or glass paste, which is formed when molten glass is poured into a mold”.

The New York Times wrote a great article in 2012 on the history of Gripoix and below is an excerpt:

By the 1920s, the design house, ran by Augustine’s daughter Suzanne Gripoix, had added Jeanne Lanvin, Jean Piguet and Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel to their client list. Chanel first approached Gripoix looking for reproductions of Byzantine jewelry: she remained a loyal customer for decades.

Chanel was famous for mixing real and fake pearls in her own necklaces. For her, Suzanne Gripoix developed a special kind of irregular glass pearl to which she gave a mother-of-pearl sheen. Ms. Possémé said, “The place of jewelry changed because women’s lives radically changed. Precious jewelry was no longer suited for a life where women could drive, smoke, shop alone.”

“Women,” she said, “began buying costume jewelry to match their bathing suits, and match their newly liberated daily lives.” Read the full article here

There’s always a story behind vintage goods, like how it’s made or where it came from and that’s the part that I find so interesting about Gripoix. Chanel Gripoix jewelry is not readily found online and the price tag is all over the map but they’re good investment pieces and worth it to own a bit of history.

CHANEL Enamel Gripoix CC Ring

Chanel Vintage Ruby Gripoix Flower Pendant Necklace

Here is another interesting article on Gripoix by The Luxe Chronicles: Gripoix: The Artistry Of Haute Couture Costume Jewelry

Now that you have a better understanding of Gripoix, you’re all set to start shopping these amazing pieces of jewelry!

6 Responses
  • Diane Prinz
    April 17, 2020

    How exactly can one tell if it is gripoix, or just a molded cabochon?

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      April 17, 2020

      Great question! To be properly considered Gripoix, it has to be made by hand. The back should be uneven and possibly have a few bubbles due to the hand pour and there should be a variance from piece to piece, whereas anything else is made via a mold. Gripoix, while used as a style of jewelry, it’s actually a method.

    • shixuan
      August 16, 2020

      Hello there! Seeing that you have a lot of Chanel vintage jewelry, would you like to sell it to me? Thank you!

      • Closet Full Of Cash
        August 16, 2020

        I do not sell, this is for educational purposes but thanks for the offer!

  • Tatiana Owen
    April 9, 2020

    Good, informative article. I wish more people would read it. There’s a lot of merchandise being sold online advertised as “gripoix”.

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      April 9, 2020

      When I was researching what is Gripoix, I was surprised how many people listed as such but was not even close. Glad it was helpful!

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