Vintage Chanel At One Kings Lane


If you haven’t heard or seen, you can purchase Chanel just about anywhere these days. From Banana Republic offering their Lux Vintage shop over the holidays on their website to One King’s Lane jumping into the fray, everywhere you look there’s Chanel!





Frankly, the Banana Republic Lux Vintage I thought was a little bizarre but as everyone is trying to jump into the resale game, some will succeed and others will fail.

VintageLux seems to be the biggest seller on One King’s Lane with just a few other re-sellers peppered in for good measure but there are quite a few deals to be had.


This trend is going to be around for awhile so don’t be shocked if you one are looking around Target or another company like that and run into a Louis Vuitton sale! Oh my, wouldn’t that be awesome though?!

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