Vestiaire Collective Launches The One That Got Away


Vestiaire Collective has just launched a new initiative and I love it! There’s nothing worse that having regrets and especially if it’s a shopping regret! I’ve had several and until now, they’ve been after thoughts and late night searching on eBay.

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective has changed all that with The One That Got Away, their new service that let’s you upload photos of items you may have missed buying and hopefully one if their 4 million subscribers will have that product and will be willing to sell it!

So how does it work? You post a photo of what your looking for and if a community member has the item and wishes to sell it, then they do so by filling out the online consignment agreement then shipping it to Vestiaire Collective for the once over then it’s off to the buyer. There’s multiple pages to peruse through but the nice thing is you can filter based on item type and it’s not exclusive to just women. You can also post in Kids, Men’s and Life & Living in case you need that last Versace dinner plate!

This is perfect if what your searching for is maybe a bit older or was part of a capsule collection but with a quick Google search, you can find almost anything you want or need. The one thing I do love about this is that it’s nice to be able to see everything on one website!

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