Tradesy’s New Rating For Business Sellers


Tradesy is now requiring business sellers to keep a level of standard in their listings  As you can see below from the email they are sending out, they are assigning points to literally everything in the listing. I get why they’re doing this but wouldn’t creating a feedback system easier? Most of it makes sense and as a seller, you want, scratch that, need to add great photos, describe your item in detail and price accordingly but being docked for not being one of the “14 Approved Brands” is a little harsh, don’t you think?

Email to a Tradesy Business Seller:

Hi there,

We are reaching out in regards to your listing quality on Tradesy. Your inventory quality strength is directly attributed to where your items populate on the site and can affect your overall selling success. We are requiring all professional sellers to take action and edit their listings to remain in good standing in the Tradesy for Business program. Our team is continuing to review listing quality and has come up with a more granular scoring system to rank and populate your inventory. We’re starting with only the handbag category and will continue to share the new requirements for each category over the next few weeks.  

Below is the number of weak handbag listings in your closet:

 67 listings


We’ve identified each field in the listing process and its value toward the total score. Each item will now have an individual score out of 100. Listings at 90+ will be considered strong and anything below will be a weak listing. Please keep in mind, listings with lower quality scores are being suppressed on search and category pages.

The new requirements and field score for Handbag listings include:

  • Approved handbag brands: 14*
  • Top handbag brand with style name field: 14*
  • “Other” handbag brands: 0*
  • Color from drop down: 14**
  • Material from drop down: 14**
  • Retail price: 14
  • Description length 1-100 characters: 3
  • Description length 101-200 characters: 7
  • Description length 201-400 characters: 10
  • Description length 401+ characters: 16
  • Measurements: 14
  • 12 photos: 14
  • 11 photos: 12
  • 10 photos: 10
  • 9 photos: 8
  • 8 photos: 6
  • 7 photos: 4
  • 5-6 photos: 2
  • 3-4 photos: 1
  • >3 photos: 0

*You will receive only one of these scores based on your brand eligibility

**Brand-specific color and material details should be included in the description

Please let your Account Manager know if you have any questions!


-Team Tradesy for Business


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