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When deciding to sell your items online, by yourself, you want to make sure your aligning with not only a great company, but one that offers you the best in fees, shipping and customer service. Recently I have read more and more complaints online about the utter lack of “rules” on Poshmark in regards to the sheer number of fake items that are allowed on the website, people not shipping their items or when they do, the item is not as described and returns are a huge hassle. While they did just receive another round of funding, not sure if they’re going to use any of this to address or fix these concerns.

While I have sold on both platforms, there’s only one I continue to use with decent success but I’ve broken each company’s terms down to make it a bit easier for you to make the choice yourself.

The first thing you have to remember is both of these companies are just platforms, only Tradesy resells items that have been returned. Each company allows sellers to create their own listings, add pictures and descriptions and name their own price. As far as authenticity issues, this comes down to the seller themselves  and while Poshmark does not accept the physical return merchandise, Tradesy does operate three separate pages and has been known to resell fake merchandise.

Here’s a little background on each company:

Tradesy vs Poshmark Updated January 2018

Fees and Shipping: Updated 1/2018


Tradesy vs Poshmark Selling Categories

Return Policy:

Tradesy vs Poshmark Returns

The return policy on each website is clearly spelled out but that should not deter you from making sure your purchases are covered. While each company gives you a three or four day window to request a return, Tradesy is notorious for pushing a site credit instead of a cash return, while the consensus for Poshmark is their return policy is basically non-existent, meaning that their response time from their return department can delay the window of return times.

Tradesy honors all returns and the good thing is that as a seller, in most instances, will still receive the money for the sale as the item goes back to their headquarters

Poshmark requires photos of the item you are trying to return and then they will decide whether to honor the return. If accepted, Poshmark will email you a label to return to the seller.

Quick note, when shopping online, make sure you always either pay with Paypal or a credit card. You don;t want to do this often but if a company is not working with you in the returns department, contact your credit company and just explain your situation. Most times the credit card company will return your money.

Customer Service:

Tradesy vs Poshmark Customer Service

My opinion:

Like I stated before, I have used both platforms but for myself, Tradesy stands out with their easy to use app, website and customer service. If I ever had a question or issue, I was fortunate enough to always reach someone on the phone who was both professional and courteous. Keep in mind that my questions were more general and not about issues I had with buyers or authentication. There also tends to be a whole lot more lowballers on Poshmark, wanting to trade, bundle for a better price or just straight across the board discounts. You know how I feel about discounts but of not, you can read my opinions here.

Poshmark is a favorite for some but I find the “showrooms” and “Parties” taxing and way too much trouble. Another thing you want to watch out for is abandon closets. Poshmark does not regularly review closets to see if the seller is still active which can be a bummer if you find something you really want to purchase. Tradesy on the other hand will periodically check to see if your items are still available for sale.

While Poshmark does include reviews for sellers, they’re about as useful as eBay’s. If you’re looking to purchase a designer handbag or any other high end item, make sure you do your homework first. Know what you’re buying (brand marks, style number…..) research the buyer, and if your still not sure, get it authenticated. It takes two seconds and could save you a ton of heartache.

To read online reviews on both companies, Sitejabber has the most up to date on Poshmark and Tradesy.

Both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses but there are more designer resale companies selling on Tradesy then Poshmark and I now sell exclusively on Tradesy. If your still not sure if selling yourself is the way to go, check out Rebagg to sell outright for cash ( don’t forget to mention ClosetFullOfCash for a higher payout).


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