What Happens To Items Returned To Tradesy?


I’ve been buying and selling on Tradesy for over a year and have never had any issues with the platform. Early on, one of the first things I sold was a fabulous, brand new pair of purple strappy Louboutin’s! These babies were beautiful and to die for. The buyer unfortunately could not fit into them so she requested to return. Well, okay. What I didn’t know, as I was searching everywhere trying to find out how to get the shoes back and refund her money, was that Tradesy accepts the return of the merchandise on your behalf and pays you anyway. Cool. I don;t have to worry about relisting and I get to keep the money. Double Cool! Then I got to thinking. I’m just one person and they have hundreds of thousands of sellers on the website selling probably a gabillion items each day. (yes, gabillion, yes I know it’s not a word but take a look at the website and it seems like there’s a gabillion items on there!)

Where do all the returns go? When they received their first round of funding, the attractiveness of not handling merchandise or dealing with storage issues is what I can imagine was an attractive key to their investors. So, where do those returns go? Back on Tradesy under their “stylists” closets!

They have three closets with each selling a different level of designer items. I’ll break them down below:

Tradesy Penny Lane Returns Closet

Penny Lane: Welcome to Penny Lane. In this special Tradesy closet, you will find hundreds of exceptional, hard-to-find pieces at amazing prices. From limited edition Chanel to sold-out-everywhere Louis Vuitton to rare Balenciaga and beyond – we have it all. New items are added daily, all priced to sell. Happy treasure hunting. 

This closet has all the high end returns. Think Balenciaga, Chanel, Hermes and designers like that.

Tradesy Abbey Road Returns Closet

Abbey Road: Welcome to Abbey’s Closet! In this Tradesy closet, you will find thousands of wardrobe staples at amazing prices. From Louis Vuitton Neverfulls to Rag & Bone Booties and beyond – we have it all. New items are added daily, all priced to sell. Happy treasure hunting.  

This closet has everything from Coach to Chanel.

Strawberry Fields Tradesy Return CLoset

Strawberry Fields: Welcome to Strawberry Fields. In this special Tradesy closet, you will find beautiful, foundational items at jaw-droppingly low prices. From Louis Vuitton finds under $150 to Chanel frames under $95 to new-in-box Tory Burch flats for next to nothing, you are sure to get dreamy wardrobe staples at up to 90% off. New listings are added daily, so check back often and never pay retail again.

This closet is full of your everyday items. Think Coach, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Anthropologie, Kate Spade and DVF.

It’s a pretty smart move on their part. They make sure the buyers are happy with either a site credit or if you push hard enough, a refund. The buyer gets paid and doesn’t have to deal with relisting the item again and Tradesy uses your photos and item descriptions and relisted the item.

My only questions is, what do they do with the items that are not authentic (fake). Interesting.



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  • T
    January 16, 2020

    Tradesy did sell a blatant fake to me, through the Abbey R Closet! After my cartier ring was not able to be authenticated at a boutqiue (where they checked in on their register), Tradesy still believed the item was real/i was making it up. They could not bear to lose 500$ from this sale. Moral of the story: THEY KNOW AND WILLINGLY WILL SELL YOU A FAKE, AND MAKE IT HARD FOR YOU TO EVER SEE YOUR MONEY AGAIN!

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      January 16, 2020

      I think all marketplaces have huge authentication issues and I hope you were able to get your money back. These companies need to create authentication policies and be transparent about them and if they make a mistake, apologize and accept the return. It’s not that difficult.

  • Carmen
    June 10, 2016

    You wanted to know what they do with items that are not authentic. If they find that it is not authentic, then the person who originally sold it would have to take it back. Tradesy does not back you up in this case. So do not attempt to sell fakes as real and expect to get away with it with this loophole.

    • closetfullofcash
      June 11, 2016

      I know Tradesy will not resell blatant fake designer goods but they have been known to resell items that are AAA quality. Same with The RealReal. Whether they know or not, having a good authentication team when you run either a luxury resale boutique or a marketplace is key.

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