Trade Chanel For Chanel?


Update 9/3/16: Hope Noelle of HauteTrader reached out to me to clarify a few things about this post and while I thoroughly research, I am known to make a mistake here and there! I am always happy correct any inaccuracies, but everything (but the launch date) was taken from the HauteTrader website. I am always unbiased and just present the facts as they are written. Her points are below and should clear up any confusion:

1. We launched in Winter 2016 not 2014. We were set to launch earlier, but decided to not launch until 2016.

2. Items which are listed as non premium (Standard) may still be traded item for item, but they may also be traded for Haute-Points.

3. If you list your item as Premium, we authenticate your item AND the corresponding item, so if someone lists a fake item they will not be able to stop the item from being inspected should it be traded and at that point we will cancel the trade

4. If you know that your item is fake and you use your HautePoints to purchase an item other people can trade for it with their Haute-Points and add optional premium inspection, so they will be protected from fakes.

If you know that your item is fake and you use your HautePoints to purchase an item other people can trade for it with their Haute-Points and add optional premium inspection, so they will be protected from fakes.


Original post: Would you trade your Chanel for Chanel? HauteTrader seems to think so and their whole business model is hoping that instead of selling your luxury fashions, you’ll trade them for other designer items with the same value.


Haute Trader Logo


Haute Trader has been around since 2013 and has been in Beta since their 2014 launch. The premise is that instead of selling that Chanel flap bag, you would put it up for trade on the Haute Trader website and be open to trade offers. Say someone else has a Celine and wants to trade with you, you would each ship your bags to each other and presto, new bags for both of you.

I love the theory of an online designer swap but after doing more research and spending a couple of hours on their website, there are definitely flaws that need to be fixed. I’ll break down the process for you.


Haute Trader How It Works

Trade Types


Haute Points Currency On Haute Trader

How Points Work

Trade Options On Haute Trader

Trading Options

I created an account for myself to see exactly what the process is and while it’s pretty straight forward, there are a few things that caused red flags.

Each trade is $25, $50 for Premium Listings which you must enroll in to trade like for like. If not, you receive points only.


Haute Trader Fees


You have to upload three items to activate your closet.

Premium Listings: If you do not choose the Extra Trade Protection, you can only trade for Haute Points, not item for item. It’s $50 and you ship them your bag and they authenticate it. This is a huge red flag because if I am listing fake handbags, I know they’re fake and not choose this option and I can just use my points to trade for a real bag.

A lot of people are trying to trade between platforms. Haute Trader is item for item on their website but so many people are commenting to look at their closet on Tradesy, Poshmark and eBay. This in itself is not bad but if this was my website, I would be on the ball in keeping people on Haute Trader.

You can only upload 5 pictures per listing. Not nearly enough to see if a bag is authentic. Should be at least 12.

There is a plethora of fakes listed for trade. Not sure how they’re policing this but if I can find at least 3 on the home page, that is not a good sign.

Ratings. I love this idea but for almost a week I have clicked to see why certain people have only 2 stars and I keep receiving a maintenance error.

Photos: I understand not everyone is a photographer but the use of copyrighted material should be sign that the item may not be real and with only 5 photos to make a decision from, pass.

Chanel Valentine Quilted Bag Listed On Haute Trader

Chanel Quilted Valentine Bag Listed For Trade On Haute Trader


Chanel Valentine Quilted Bag Listed On Gilt

The Original Bag And Photo From via Pinterest


They only have a few reviews and you can find one here, but by judging what people are saying, a little too much drama and bullying for my taste.

Haute Trader Review Response

Behavior like the above should never be tolerated, ever and especially from a company spokesperson. 

Like I said before, I love the concept and there are aspects that are quite unique but until someone has the team to control every aspect of the trading process and authentication issues, you’re better off on Tradesy or Poshmark.



  • Mya

    What does people not shipping on Poshmark have to do with HauteTrader?

    • closetfullofcash

      You misunderstood what I was saying. Keeping customers on your website is key. Not allowing them to try and persuade people to jump to other companies to complete the transaction is what I was referring to.

    • debbie

      Mya Haute Trader is putting up accounts on Poshmark with no intention of doing business on Poshmark and not shipping the items. They are trying to lead the buyers to Haute Trader and are spamming Haute Trader advertisements on sellers listings on Poshmark.

  • Debbie Sperry

    There are fake accounts on Poshmark with links to Haute Trader in them. These accounts use bots and share a particular item in my closet over and over almost daily. Someone bought an item from one of them and it never shipped.

    • closetfullofcash

      Still trying to figure this company out. What is your closet name? Would love to see what you’re referring to.

      • Debbie Sperry

        I am @thegirlsgotstyl @corey730 is the same Corey Lynn that Heidi is referring to, only her photo belongs to a woman in Romania named Alia Popa. @kkshep123 and @caroliroli1 are other fake account linked to Haute Trader. I think they are targeting sellers with high end items. The bots share the same item over and over and over. I highly suspect that the Corey in Seattle that Heidi had interactions with is someone connected to Haute Trader.

        • Debbie Sperry

          This is crazy, but they must be watching the comments. The fake photo of Corey with the glasses was replaced with a photo of a shoe as the profile photo.

      • Debbie Sperry

        I have no experience with Haute Trader, but the fake photo and use of bots makes me very suspicious of this company. Not worth taking a chance…