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The past few weeks I have been sending a wide array of items from my closet to different resale companies that offer consignment or payout to see how each company works. Honestly, I’ve been selling myself for so long that not only would it be nice for me to have a place I trust to send items to but writing about the process of each company would be a benefit to you too!

As I go through the process with each company, I’ll write honestly about the process here. First up, ThredUp.

The timeline:

  • January 14, 2017 – Clean out kit shipped
  • January 28 – Clean out kit shipped
  • February 1st – Clean out kit received
  • March 2nd – Clean out kit processed


The brands that Thredup sells is more middle to low end so I cleaned out my daughters closet. Below is the list of items I included in my “bag”.

The retail value of the bag not including tax is $805.93 roughly.

Brand / Style Retail Thredup
Splendid Shorts (blue) 74.99 18.99
Splendid Shorts (green) 74.99
Lululemon Yoga Top (white) 48.00
Lululemon Yoga Top (pink) 48.00
Vogo Yoga Pants 28.99 11.99
Rip Curl Orange Summer Dress 46.99 14.00
Frenchi (Nordstrom) Dressy Tank Orange 28.00
Frenchi (Nordstrom) Dressy Tank Blue 28.00
Nike Dry Fit Yoga Pants 54.00 15.99
Ro & De Bohemian Dress 48.00 12.99
Hollister Jeans 50.00
Under Armour Sweatjacket 60.00 14.99
B. Darlin Sequined Cocktail Dress 64.00
Forever 21 Cardigan 20.00 7.99
14th & Union Sweater 37.00 9.99
Mossimo Grey Tank 8.00
Hollister T-Shirt (blue) 19.99 6.99
Hollister T-Shirt (white) 19.99
Hollister T-Shirt (dark blue) 19.99
Life In Progress Denim Shirt 27.00 7.99

My payout?



I have to be honest, I know the brands I sent them were middle to low end and while the payout is quite disappointing, my bigger concern are the missed items.

Here’s how it works. When you order a Clean Out Kit, you have to choose whether you want any of your items back if they don’t accept them. How on earth am I supposed to know whether or not your going to want my items? I sent two Lululemon tops in with my bag knowing full well that these will be snapped up in a heartbeat as they were in excellent condition. Kind of like a test. They failed.

Can I get them back? No. Do I know where they are? No. Will I get paid for them? No. Lesson learned.

On the flip side, you should totally shop there because they have the greatest deals ever for the brands that they sell.



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