ThredUp and Macy’s Partner To Bring Secondhand to 40 Locations


ThredUp to day announces their partnership with Macy’s which brings secondhand clothing to at least 40 locations within the US. This is just a pilot right now according to Macy’s CEO, Jeff Gennette and Thredup will not accept consignment or returns or anything purchased through the website (only returns for ThredUp merchandise purchases in store) and while this is another collab with retail and resale, this one has me scratching my head.

Macy’s in years past use to provide an in store experience like shopping at a fine retailer but if you have a been into any of their locations lately, it leaves a little to be desired. Racks disheveled, clothing everywhere, sales associates dressed like they are going out for the evening and not very helpful. This is only my experience in the Macy’s I have attempted to shop at and may not be yours but, why on earth when their earnings are at almost an all time low, they would bring in a direct competitor to their business?

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