The RealReal has responded to Chanel’s lawsuit filed last November claiming that they (TRR) are selling counterfeits and it’s everything you thought it would be and more. Below you can read both filings, the original from Chanel and TRR’s response.

I want to make one point that is in Chanel’s original lawsuit and highlighted in the article below that, “Chanel takes issue with TRR’s practice of “removing [Chanel] serial numbers from all of its Chanel-branded leather goods product listings,” Now I have gone through hundreds of TRR”s listing of Chanel bags and the first thing I think we can all agree on is their lack of good photography but also, they have just omitted those photos of the serial numbers on the listings.

Chanel vs. The RealReal

The RealReal Responds to Chanel

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THE FASHION LAW EXCLUSIVE In November, Chanel’s legal team followed up on concerns that they had about The RealReal by filing a lawsuit. To be exact, counsel for the 110-year Paris-based design house filed suit against the barely 8-year old luxury resale site, calling “Fake!” But more than merely asserting that The RealReal had sold “at least 7” counterfeit CHANEL handbags that were “vastly inferior and materially different from genuine Chanel products,” Chanel argued that at the core of the wildly popular e-commerce site’s model are federal trademark and advertising law violations that must be stopped.

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