The CFOC Community

With Closet Full of Cash, I’ve always wanted to create a hub or should I say a Community for anyone who wanted to receive support and learn how to build a luxury resale business. While there are several platforms to build this on and ways to do it, I feel that having access to people and your peers who are ready and willing to help you is so important. This is why I have for the past year, hosted The Community on Slack. I’ve created this platform this way for anyone who is serious about building their business to have the support they need in real time.

The CFOC Community on Slack

Slack is broken down into channels like Website, Social Media, Authentication and more where you can post relevant questions (and images) in each channel and receive responses from myself and others in real time.

The whole goal in creating The Community is so you know that you have a support system at you fingertips that want to see you succeed from people who are either going through the same things you are or have built successful businesses and are here to share advice and lessons learned.

The only thing that I ask is that you treat everyone with kindness and be active. You’ll only get out if this what you put in and every single person is on their own journey so speak up, ask questions and if you can help someone else, please share.

Channels in The Community

Authentication-Support: Post the correct images and we’ll share our opinion based on years of experience as to whether that item is authentic or not
Best Practices: Not sure where to post a question? Post here in this channel
Business: From licensing and insurance needs, post those business questions here.
Counterfeits: Everything in this channel is images of counterfeit items.
Marketing: Anything marketing related (like how to grow your list, market your business…) goes in this channel
Pricing: Not sure of what to sell an item for? We’ll share how to find that price
News: Everything happening in the luxury resale industry
Social Media: Any and all questions about social media goes here
Wholesale: This channel is to learn more and communicate with wholesale companies and to purchase deals (if they choose to post)
Vendors-Suppliers: This channel is for companies who support the resale industry in any way to share their details
Websites: Post any and all questions about your website (building, maintaining, how to) questions in this channel
Welcome: You will start in this channel to read over the rules of The Community

A few things to take note of:
~Make sure you set your profile up and add a picture.
~Set your notifications for the whole platform or by channel
~Be active and post questions. If you can answer someone else’s question, post!
~DMs are completely private
~If you have a questions and are not sure where to post or you just don’t want to, that’s ok. Send me a DM
~Support is offered 7 days a week but may be delayed on the weekends.
~Follow the rules for posting in all channels.
~To tag everyone in a channel use the @ symbol then the channel name. Don’t abuse this please!
~If anyone talks shit about another person or company, you’re out. I have zero tolerance for bullshit so be nice.

Click on the links below to download the Slack App.

Download Slack for IOS

Download Slack for Android

Images needed for Authentication Support

Please download and follow the below guide when posting in the #authentication-support channel and make sure all images are clear, horizontal and of the appropriate areas needed.

Unlike Facebook groups or other crowdsourcing platforms, this is the only platform created by luxury resale professionals for anyone looking to launch, grow their business or join a community of like minded business owners that have and will put in the work to be successful.

I also have an open invitation for anyone who has a business that supports the luxury resale industry to become a member of  The Community. Whether you have a wholesale company, work in consignment software or any other resale category, having the opportunity to communicate and share details of your business with owners is paramount to both of your growth.

If you have questions, please send me an email at

If you’re ready to jump in, choose between a Monthly or Yearly subscription below.

Renews automatically, immediate access to Slack (email/text invite will be sent after sign-up)

Renews automatically, immediate access to Slack (email/text invite will be sent after sign-up)