Is Closet Concierge Making A Comeback?

Remember when Tradesy purchased Fitz, the company that pairs customers with personal stylists, well, that acquisition is making way more sense now and if played correctly, could finally give them a leg up in the resale industry. Think about it, everyone is having sales, everyone carries the same exact Chanel bag but what makes all [...]

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Is this the beginning of the end for Tradesy?

Tradesy is having issues, I think we can all agree on that one ,but we're wondering if this is the beginning of the end.  I recently shared that Tracy DiNunzio is battling her ex over compensation which is a bummer and payouts to sellers which used to average days is now taking a couple of [...]

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Why Tradesy Is Bleeding Money

We all have seen the changes with Tradesy in the past year and while payments have gotten slower, commissions have risen, here seems the be one of the reasons why. I'm of the mind of pick your path and stay on course but kudos for trying to branch out onto other areas. Tradesy is looking [...]

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Designer Resale – In The News #1

We always find interesting articles online of the different happenings within the designer resale industry and we thought you would want to keep up too so, we'll be gathering the most important content and posting weekly or bi-weekly so you can keep up to date in one easy place! The RealReal: Luxury consignment online retailer [...]

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Learn How To Sell On Tradesy

When I first started selling online, wasn't an option. It was eBay only so fast forward 10 plus years and now you have quite a few options for selling your luxury goods online. I think the hardest part for people is not knowing where to start or when they do, they become discouraged because [...]

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Tradesy vs Poshmark

When deciding to sell your items online, by yourself, you want to make sure your aligning with not only a great company, but one that offers you the best in fees, shipping and customer service. Recently I have read more and more complaints online about the utter lack of "rules" on Poshmark in regards to [...]

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Tradesy Raises Another $30M

Recode is reporting that Tradesy has taken in another 30 million in funding this past week and an excerpt from the article is below. It's funny how they're stating that there are three major players in this space, Tradesy, Poshmark and The RealReal when the only two that are marketplaces are Tradesy and Poshmark. It [...]

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Threadflip Has Closed

As of January 14, Threadflip has ceased operations. The below email was sent out to customers: Dear Threadflip Community, We started Threadflip five years ago with the vision of helping women refresh their wardrobes through a community of like-minded fashionistas. We started in our co-founder Manik’s living room and never imagined growing the business to [...]

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Policy Updates To Tradesy

Policy Updates to Tradesy, the online marketplace for selling designer goods has updated their selling policy. I personally love the change from 5 days to 3. This way, you you can count the days until your new goody arrives! Seller Policy Update Confirm your sales within 3 days Today we’re making an important change to [...]

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