ThredUp’s Open Letter To Burberry

In an open letter to Burberry spurred on by the fashion houses admission to burning up to $38Million dollars worth of products, ThredUp sent an open letter inviting them to send their goods to the resale marketplace with 100% of the proceeds going to an environmental charity of their choosing. As per usual, everyone jumps [...]

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Material World Launches Material Boxes

Material World launches Material Boxes, a subscription based  box based on brands you love! Below is the email they just sent out. We already know you love Material World, so we have a hunch you are going to be excited about this news-we have just launched our subscription service called Material Box! Material Box is [...]

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ThredUp To Open Retail Locations

It was announced today that ThredUp will be opening brick and mortar stores across the US. This could be a huge win for consumers as their pricing has always been well below market but the costs for retail locations can be high so we'll have to wait and see if this hurts their bottom line. [...]

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ThredUp’s Weekend Email Fail

If you're on the mailing list of ThredUp, you most likely received quite a surprise in your inbox this weekend.     Here's my thoughts on this and if you still cannot find their faux paux, the email subject: fuq overpriced handbags is what's this ridiculous uproar. Let's assume their marketing department was asleep at [...]

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ThredUp Raises $81 Million

ThredUp the online designer resale thrift store just received $81 million dollars in funding. Yep, $81 Million. You can read the whole story over at ReCode but if you've never visited their website, I'll break it all down for you. There are a couple of things I like about ThredUp and what they're doing differently [...]

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