Keep Your Eye Out For Sneakers

Keep your eye out for sneakers because the money involved in the resale of them is completely insane, We're talking even better than handbags but are so much harder to find. GOAT is merging with legendary sneaker retailer Flight Club and raising $60 million Sneaker marketplace GOAT is merging with Flight Club, essentially the first [...]

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Defining The Difference Between Counterfeit And Fake

We are living in an age when anything from designer clothes to bags to makeup — and really any product from the fashion and beauty industries — can be easily and cheaply be copied and sold for less. It’s become such a prevalent problem that entire apps have been made to help prevent people from being duped [...]

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The Art Of Flipping

The game never changes, everyone loves a great deal but I was so impressed with the Sneaker Don I just had to share this article from the Business Insider. The Art Of Flipping - The resale Market Is Booming. What Makes It Tick? The minute Mel Lee stepped out of the adidas Originals boutique at [...]

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A Whole New World

When you think luxury, Chanel, Hermes, Hublot, Tiffany are just a few of the brands to come to mind but have you ever thought about sneakers? Yes, those Nikes and Adidas sneakers are commanding a pretty penny on the resale market and there's a whole stock exchange dedicated to this industry. I heard about StockX [...]

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