I’ve built two luxury resale companies and while times may have changed, the rules of business are still the same.

Have you wanted to start a luxury resale business but didn’t know where to begin? Not sure of what you really need or where to make your next move? What will you call it? How will you get product to resell? Should you incorporate or open an LLC and do you really need a resale permit?

The list goes on and on and the more you think about it, the more excited (and nervous) you get!!! But, hold on. This is going to be a huge undertaking and you really want to make sure you’re ready for it and here is where I come in. You need to build a solid foundation for your new business and I’m going to walk you though everything you’ll need to get up and running through courses, downloads and The CFOC Community.

Times have changed since my last luxury resale business but I’ve been in this industry for years and boy is it getting crowded! If you don’t adjust and learn, your business will fall behind BUT, building that strong foundation will make the difference between success and failure.

What does a strong foundation look like?

It’s as different as you and me.

Some people may want a full brick and mortar store. Some may want to sell only Live with no store or online presence (this is the wrong way to do it and I’ll tell you why later) or maybe you want an e-commerce store only and hate social media. Trust Me…..I get it and I will give you the tools and support to build the kind of business YOU want.

Business areas to focus on when launching:

The Name – Choosing and registering your business name (domain and social)

Licensing – What you need, what you don’t and how to set your business up properly

Money – Understanding margins, COGS, ROI, Profit and Taxes

Business Plan – Two downloadable options, Quickie and Full

Consignment or BOR – Which business model will your business be and how to be successful in both?

Website – Yes, you need one, this is the best platform to build yours on and these are the pages you must include

Sourcing – How to get products through wholesale and which companies I trust (and one’s I don’t)

Where to Sell – How to use marketplaces as a driver to your website

Listings – How to photograph and describe items so they’re SEO friendly

Shipping – What’s the best option and should you add insurance?

Launch – How to drive traffic and customers to your website

Live Selling – Which platforms are the best and worst and should you be selling Live

Marketing – Which social media platforms should be on, how to use your blog to drive traffic to your website, how to set up and build an email list and how to market your business for zero dollars

Customer Service – How to make an impact on your customers and keep them coming back for life!

Authentication – Red flags for the top brands, checklist and which authentication companies are worth partnering with

I’ll cover every single one of the points above I cannot strive enough at how important it is to have people around you that support your vision and what you are building and while family and friends can be awesome, they might not always see your “vision” and support you the way that you need. This is why last year I launched The CFOC Community. Built on Slack, you have access to myself and other “advisors” to post any type of questions and receive a response in real time. You can ask anything from authentication questions on all luxury goods (clothing, shoes, bags…..) to how to build a website to which Live platform is the best for selling and everything in between.

I built this in a way that it’s what I wished I had when I was first starting out. Private, no egos and everyone down to help each other. To learn more or to sign up, click here!

I also understand that you may not be ready to join but are still looking for information on what you need to launch your own business so let me guide you!

Click on any of boxes below to learn about each area to start your luxury resale business.

Let’s start a luxury resale business!!!

Let’s make a plan!

Marketing 101 for your new business!

Learn which social media platforms are the best for your new business.

Yes, you need a website and no, its not hard to build one!

Here’s how you buy authentic, pre-owned luxury for resale. 

Understanding Margin/Markup and free downloadable sales and business trackers!

Authentication education and providers to use!