Social Media Tip Of The Week – What’s Too Personal


Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend but now it’s time to get back to business! This week I’m focusing on the fine line between personal and business social media accounts. When deciding what to post, you need to make sure you’re keeping within the lines of business.




What is too personal to post on your business’s social media?

Everyone may have a different opinion on this matter, but this is just what I recommend, and have learned in my time doing social media for different business’s! There are many posts that are perfect for your personal social media account that close friends and family members follow, that are just too personal for your business’s social media account. Below are some types of posts that I would recommend keeping off of your business’s page!

  • Family photos, while everyone does have a beautiful family, family photos are meant for one’s personal Facebook or Instagram. This is something that your close friends and family will enjoy, while those who follow your business pages won’t. In most cases you don’t know most of, if not all of, those who follow your business’s social media.
  • Pets, the same “family photo rule” applies here: these are destined for personal social media accounts. I love my dogs as much as the next person, but I wouldn’t post a photo of them on my business’s social media!
  • Saddening news, for example, an ill family member. News of this sort is very personal in nature, it is ideal for your followers to get to know you, but not on this personal of a level.
  • Your children’s birthdays, the same “family photo rule” applies here, it is meant for your personal social media!
  • Most selfies, unless they somehow pertains to your designer resale business! I personally am not a fan of selfies whatsoever, I must say. I would consider them only appropriate on a business’s social media if yourself, or someone, was modeling an item that is for sale, such as sunglasses. In all cases, in my opinion, for a business’s social media if you are modeling an item for sale, please have someone take the photo for you!

Until next week, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook!


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