Snobswap Changes Name To LePrix


I love a good name change and I think it’s part of the evolution of a company and to be honest, I am totally digging Snobswap’s name change to LePrix! Below is the email they sent out today to their boutique partners!

Outside of their name change, it doesn’t look like anything else is different and just a note, while your building a website, you may want to make sure it’s finished before it goes live.



Dear Boutique Partner,SnobSwap is now LePrix! LePrix (pronounced “Luh-Pree”) means the PRIZE in French after a long hunt or journey. You may be wondering why?  Well, one compelling reason was that a majority of our customers and store partners did not relate to the name “SnobSwap.” It’s ok! We embraced the fact that everyone thought our baby’s name was ugly. ?

You may also remember, we changed our business model. When we first started SnobSwap five years ago, we left our day jobs to bring the thrill of the hunt from our favorite designer consignment stores online. However, as many young entrepreneurs do, we overdid it and threw in DIY swapping and selling only to realize our online customers preferred shopping with YOU, our store partners, who are trusted industry experts. As we grew, we realized that the name SnobSwap did not fit our daily mission anymore. As a result, we shed the swapping and individual sellers and focused all our resources on finding solutions for our store partners who were looking for efficient, innovative ways to get their stores online and to grow customers online.

So, we refocused our business on our original dream to do what we love most:  Scouring the Earth for the best, most trusted luxury resale stores and bringing online shoppers access to you!  

Today, we are proud to partner with over 400 stores around the world.  We wake up every day excited to help entrepreneurs like you expand your brand awareness, increase sales, and provide technology to keep up with the fast changing industry.

Although the decision was hard, the name LePrix captured our hearts immediately. It captures the spirit of why we all love what we do:  To bring the thrill of the HUNT and the joy of the PRIZE to our customers.

With the new name comes a makeover – a new look and an upgraded online shopping experience, expanded selling channels, more wholesale, and access to better, personalized marketing features. We are so grateful to you for joining us on this journey and helping us grow into who we are today. We are more than ever committed to our family of stores. We have a lot more growing to do, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sticking with us! Stronger together!

We plan on launching next week so keep a look out!  We hope that you love LePrix as much as we do!


Elise & Emily ♥️

Co-founders of LePrix
(fka SnobSwap)

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