Two days ago I wrote a post about Snobluxury, the Instagram seller that is allegedly mixing fake handbags with real and how you should never shop off Instagram unless you have vetted the seller. Well, I have been inundated with people reaching out to me sharing their stories of purchasing items from him and realizing they are either fake, a few who are defending him stating he has only sold them real items (which I have never denied) and ones that are just nervous and do not know what to do. He has also reached out to me via email and Instagram and has threatened to sue me.

First off, I created this website to educate people on how to buy and sell luxury goods online. I promote everyone (for free) that runs a designer resale business and have always had the consumers best interest at heart. I am logical, neutral and will continue to post relevant information that keeps you in the know of great companies, awesome deals and all the latest news in this industry!

One of the women that purchased two bags from Snobluxury that turned out to be fake reached out to me today. Not just to share her story but he is evidently bullying her online for speaking up. Below is her story:

Here is my story: I purchased two bags from him in May and realized in July that they were fake after someone had DM’d me to warn me about him. I didn’t want to believe the person who DM’d me so I deleted her message.

Snobluxury Chanel GST YSL


I thought there was no way that someone has over 28k followers be a con artist! I trusted Salem aka “Devon” and he took advantage of it. I did a simple Google search and found out the truth about him and his past.


Snobluxury Fake Chanel GST

Such a fool I was to fall for his tricks. I found a third party authentication expert and after I received their confirmation of the fake bags, I emailed him. I had to email him directly to confront him about the YSL tassel bag because I had foolishly paid EMT (He wouldn’t accept PayPal payment).

Snobluxry Fake


Look at the Chanel serial number. Same number, two different Chanel items.  

Immediately he denied that the bag was fake and made me feel so stupid for even doubting him. He had an excuse for everything and it all came down to “We are experts, you are not.”

Snobluxury Fake GTS 1 of 2

Snobluxury Fake Chanel GST 2 of 2

I emailed him everyday non-stop for two weeks until I finally managed to get a refund. I was persistent and never gave up the fight. Luckily I paid for the Chanel GST via PayPal and opened up a dispute for my refund. It was a simple process and the case was closed in my favour. I received the refund immediately from PayPal.

So, that’s the story between SnobLuxury and myself. I am not saying everything that he sells is fake, but he had me fooled and I am SURE I am not the only one. Tina

There is so much more to this story but right now, I feel with all the threats being thrown around that this information needs to be public. Check the serial numbers on the photos above. That should answer any and all questions about this company.

Because I feel the need to, only purchase off Instagram if you actually know the seller and they have a great reputation. If your unsure of that item, have it authenticated by a professional!