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Rebagg Pays You Cash For Designer Handbags

I have written before on where to sell your handbags for fast cash because sometimes, we’re just over it. We don’t have the time, nor the want to ship our bags to someone to just sit and wait until they are sold. Or maybe, you just need to sell a few bags to justify that new bag purchase! Or, you just want a nice influx of cash. Whatever your reasoning being, Rebagg is the first place to start.

I have worked with Rebagg for over 6 months now and they have consistently paid the highest amount for designer bags. There customer service has always been top notch and the ease of selling makes it worthwhile.

If you’re looking to sell your designer bags for a cash payout, use my code, Closet Full Of Cash. They’ve been kind enough to pay my readers just a little bit higher then normal! You’re welcome!

Here are all the designer brands they accept!


For faster and easier service, you can download their iPhone App here.

There’s no commitment to accept the price they offer you but if you are going to sell your Gucci’s and Chanel’s, make sure your receiving the highest amount possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!