Rebag launches Clair to instantly value your bag


Rebag launched today, Clair, a tool to see the resale value of your luxury bag and if needed, sell to them.

“Created to empower all bag lovers who buy and sell in resale, Clair is an easy-to-use luxury appraisal index that instantly generates the resale value of 10,000 bags and counting from 50+ designers.

Use Clair to reveal any bag’s current resale value so you can make an educated decision to sell it, consign it, hold onto it, or maybe even buy more – the options are endless.”

The process is super simple.

First you pick your brand and style:

Then confirm that it’s the right bag and material.

Confirm the serial number, color and condition then move on.

Confirm wear…..

Then here you go! You will either receive a cash price or a credit price which you can either accept or not!

I love this tool as it’s so nice to see what your bags are worth for several reasons.

  • Companies will adopt this tech for their pricing
  • Awesome for insurance purposes
  • A great, fast way to sell!

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