Pro Sellers On Tradesy – Good Luck


Tradesy sent out an email this morning asking all their Pro Sellers to increase their items for sale by 20%. Congratulations, you now have a job and Tradesy is your boss.

As a single seller on their platform, you will now have to work even harder to have your items seen and will be pushed to lower your price, just to be seen on their platform. There’s a reason why I jumped ship months ago……

Dear Pro Sellers,

Over the last 18 months, we’ve focused our growth initiatives on bringing more buyers to Tradesy. We’re happy to report we have successfully increased buyers on Tradesy, and we now need to grow our supply to meet the demand. As pro sellers we know you have access to the best inventory and would like to leverage this partnership to increase excellent supply on Tradesy.

We are seeking a 20% increase from each seller over the next two months to contribute to our supply goal. This is an individual listing count goal, per seller, that includes new items created and published to Tradesy for sale. This count does not include items already live on Tradesy. For example, if you currently average 50 new listings per month, then your new listing goal would be to average 60 listings per month moving forward.

At this time, this is a request, but listing growth may become a requirement for the Tradesy for Business program in the future. We will be monitoring your listing activity over the next 2 months to ensure you are taking action on this request. We encourage you to list any inventory you currently have in stock that is not listed to Tradesy, and increase your acquisition efforts to reach this goal.
As previously mentioned, the more inventory listed will increase your listing visibility on Tradesy and increase the traffic to your closet. As always, quality is the most important factor when it comes to inventory on the site; therefore, we do expect all new listings to meet our strong listing quality standards.

If you need more context behind this goal and your listing count, then please reach out to your designated Account Manager.

Thank you,

-Team Tradesy for Business

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