Poshmark’s Year In Social Commerce Report


Poshmark recently released their “Year In Social Commerce” report and as the title states, shopping is all about social right now and it’s not going to slow down.

I think Poshmark is a great platform for trendy, cute clothes and accessories but if you want to be successful, plan on dedicating a few hours a day to your closet as if it’s nor shared, no one will see it.

As with any marketplace, issues will arise but there are a couple of things can work on to improve the user experience:

  • Stop having your users authenticate items listed for sale. I get these alerts and will go through the list and the amount of items listed as replicas that are not is scary.
  • Remove any closets that sell sex, live dogs, refrigerators, guns or anything else that is not allowed.
  • If an item has been reported more that 5 times, remove it. Someone shared a pair of fake Louboutins that she along with several other people reported as counterfeit. We’re going on a month now and they are still listed.
  • Allow sellers to place a limit as to how low they will accept offers for. Listing an item that’s retails at $500, listed for $100 and receiving offers of $15 is offensive.

There’s more but this should keep Poshmark busy enough and to read the Social Commerce report, click here.

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