Poshmark to Offer Goodwill Mystery Boxes


Poshmark just announced that they have partnered with Goodwill San Francisco to start offering Mystery Boxes for resellers. As a Poshmark seller with at least 10 sales and a rating of at least 4.5, you can access the wholesale area and search for @GoodwillSF. From there you can “like” which boxes you would like to purchase then you receive an offer from them then you’re all set!

Boxes are $11 and contain up to 5 pieces sourced from Goodwill San Francisco and that includes free shipping.

I love this and is quite thoughtful of Poshmark and GoodwillSF to create new ideas for everyone that makes money as a reseller but personally, I would like to see them have different price points so if I wanted to purchase a box for $50 and It was based off their regular retail pricing, I would be all for that!

Great job Andy!

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