With the rise of luxury resale, more and more wholesale companies are popping up and expanding into the US and while some companies are helping the industry to grow, there are others that people need to be warned about and should not do business with, like, Pandora Group.

Tha Pandora Group. Based out of China but using several different addresses from around Europe, they not only have a habit of mixing counterfeit with authentic but they also just flat out lie. 

Looking at their website, on the home page they say that they have partnered with Authenticate First, the third party authentication company who has been around for years and who I trust. I thought it was odd so I reached out to Gina, the owner and she responded that they have severed all ties with The Pandora Group and they refuse to remove her logo off their website. 

The second major issue is that the certificates from Entrupy and Authenticate First listed on their website are revoked and both companies no longer work with the Pandora Group.

Third, I know of a few people who have purchased through the Pandora Group recently and were sent a couple of authentic, older Louis Vuitton but the Gucci and YSl were all fake. Of course they deny it but when put to the test with literally the smartest people I know in authentication, 100% counterfeit. 

Entrupy certificate on the Pandora Group website

Entrupy revoked certificate from the Pandora Group

Authenticate First certificate on the Pandora Group website

Authenticate First revoked certificate from the Pandora Group

Entrupy authentication certificate from the Pandora Group

Entrupy revoked certificate from the Pandora Group

Notice how all of these certificates displayed on the Pandora Group’s website are all from February 2022? This is because they have all been revoked but they continue to advertise like they are still partnered with these companies.

When purchasing wholesale, do your homework, ask questions and get referrals if possible. I am always happy to do a little digging on companies and will share what I know but if you are looking for product right now for your business, check out this list of companies.

If you are working with a wholesale company that you trust and should be listed here on Closet Full of Cash, let me know!!