Never Lose An Instagram Sale Again

COnnecting Facebook to Instagram to sell products

Selling off of Instagram has never been easier with Shopify

Connect your Shopify website to Facebook and add products to the shop page which will pull to Instagram

Direct everyone to your website and save of fees

With it’s billions of users, Instagram has become the second largest social network right behind Facebook and if you’re a luxury reseller, your demographic is on both if not one or the other, looking for deals for their favorite brands. Obviously, the more followers you have, the higher the chance you’ll sell more! Reading this nitreo information will lead you to believe that using a growth platform such as nitreo is a great way to increase your followers. It is almost definitely the quickest way of doing so anyway, so it’s worth looking into. To make the most of a platform like Instagram, it is important to place a link in your Bio as well.

When I was scrolling though Instagram the other day, I ran across Posh Pawn, a luxury pawn shop in San Diego, and the image they posted was gorgeous with Louis Vuitton trunks and bags but what really drew my interest was a little shopping bag logo on the bottom left hand corner. I clicked on it and three boxes popped up with the name and price of the bags that were for sale. I clicked on one and it brought be to another page within the Instagram app that showed the bag, price and description which I could (and did) click on and from there, it took me to Posh Pawn’s website where if I wanted to , I could complete the purchase of the bag I saw on Instagram!

The whole process is really simple but you must have a website selling products on the Shopify platform. From there, add the “shop” page on your business page. If you’re not sure how to do this, click here to be taken to Facebook to learn how.? Now, the process from the back-end of Shopify is super easy and the steps are here.

This is so important for a couple of reasons. One, you should only be pushing your items on platforms that are going to make you money. Second, by utilizing Shopify, you can now cover three platforms at once! Answering the question – is Shopify worth it? – once and for all. If you aren’t a fan of Shopify, then there are alternatives available. Although Shopify tends to be more popular, WooCommerce is another giant of the eCommerce platform world. You can see the pro’s of both by reading woocommerce vs shopify. Whichever you choose, this is going to make your life so easy. No more answering DM’s, sending invoices to people who don’t pay, missing calls from people wanting to purchase and no more paying someone else to do the work your already doing!

Sell on Instagram via Shopify
Selling on Instagram
Selling luxury bags on Instagram
Link from Instagram to Shopify to sell products

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