Marque Luxury and Ebay Partner To Offer Auction Of Luxury Goods

  • Marque Luxury (formerly Marque Supply) and eBay have formed a partnership to bring Japan style auctions to the US

  • 2000+ authentic, luxury handbags will be available to view and bid on starting May 30th

  • Registered businesses will be able to bid on Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci and more at discounted prices for resale

If you have purchased luxury bags within the last year, that bag probably came from Japan. The largest businesses within the resale industry, Dallas Designer Handbags, What Goes Around and more make the trek to Japan every few months to attend these auctions to stock up on Louis Vuitton, Chanel and more for resale here in the US.

MARQUE, formerly known as Marque Supply Company, is announcing a private wholesale auction in partnership with eBay. The offline and online dealer-only auction will create a unique B2B experience for authentic, pre-owned, wholesale designer handbags and other accessories.

The preview of the physical goods will be held on May 30th and May 31st, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the MGM Grand Hotel. Concurrently, an eBay auction for these items will run online, ending June 1st and June 2nd, 2019.  All buyers must go through a pre-approval process at MARQUE in order to attend the live preview and/or bid online through eBay.  All items will be listed on a special landing page on eBay, allowing only pre-approved dealers to bid on the inventory. However, it’s encouraged that buyers attend the live physical preview as well. Items listed on eBay will include professional photography and descriptions to allow buyers who are unable to attend the live preview to bid with greater confidence.

eBay’s platform, coupled with MARQUE’s vast experience in the industry, makes this an ideal event for dealers. As an added benefit, eBay and MARQUE personnel will be available to connect throughout the live preview and online auction.

Given the items will already be professionally photographed and described, buyers can seamlessly relist on the broader eBay platform, which reaches a global audience of 180 million active buyers. Dealers who buy from the auction will also have the option of having items authenticated through third-party providers, at discounted rates, so that they may have certificates included with their auction purchases.

“We’re pleased to partner with eBay on this endeavor as we would like to bring the designer goods dealer auction concept to the masses. After attending dealer auctions in Japan for several years and watching the designer resale business grow domestically, it was an obvious decision to try to create more liquidity in the industry in the United States. Adding a technology platform such as eBay, which most dealers have familiarity with, will accelerate the process for buyers to become familiar with the system to bid,” said Quentin Caruana, President and Co-Founder of MARQUE.

“eBay is thrilled to partner with MARQUE and provide our online platform as a seamless means for fashion resale merchants to purchase amazing wholesale handbags from the well-known Japan auction supply. At eBay, we strive to help our sellers source and sell authentic pre-owned luxury, and MARQUE’s auction will be a unique opportunity for our trusted sellers to gain access to inventory they otherwise would not be able to purchase domestically,” said Nicole Colombo, Director of Fashion at eBay.

For more information on MARQUE, please contact:



Phone: (877) 262-7783 (877-2-MARQUE)



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