Low Hanging Fruit


I am thinking that most of us understand the phrase “low hanging fruit”?  This is not in the literal sense, but more of a metaphorical meaning when people or businesses do not try hard enough to cultivate the very best of what they have to offer.  Basically put, they take the easy path that requires no building, striving or growing on their part.

To further explain my point, I am referring to businesses or individuals that would rather copy or duplicate someone else’s original ideas for their own personal gain rather than cultivate their own personal creativity from a healthy self-esteem of their own personal power.

Individuals that do this are the great leaders, entrepreneurs, authors and people who are at the top of their game.  They do not duplicate or copy someone else’s idea thinking it will make them great.  They find their own center of creativity and power and work hard to bring the dreams to reality.

Businesses are much the same as people as they are run by people.  To grow and run a successful business, it works much the same way.  It starts with an idea, which is then cultivated and grown from it’s own organic point of origination.  From there, it takes hard work, continued growth and creativity to bring a business to a point of where it become successful.  This is all done by not copying or trying to be something or someone else.  It is done from an original point of creativity and hard work and staying focused.

Since I launched “Closet Full of Cash”, I have seen several other websites pop up that are duplicates of mine, which was my creation.   I created this site to serve as a hub of all things “designer resale” and to provide information and educate people with the latest news on this ever growing industry.  I also like to inform my followers of things to watch out for.

Below are the domains that “Realauthentication.com” has bought in order to have any mistakes made while inputting a website address done by human error, and take these mistakes and have the request directed toward their site realauthentication.com.  While this is not illegal, it does give you a clear picture on the business practices of realauthentication.com.  They are doing what I refer to as “picking low hanging fruit”.  Instead of growing what client base they have and providing good service, along with original marketing, they have chosen to basically siphon off of their competitors through human error.  Doesn’t sound so good, does it?

For myself, I will always be honest and support other businesses, the correct way.  I don’t need to make unethical choices to trick people into reading my blog or checking with my website.  That’s not my style and it shouldn’t be yours either.


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