Did you recently purchase a new Louis Vuitton at the brands boutique and notice something missing? Perhaps the Date Code? Don’t fret, there’s an explanation for this sudden (not really) change.

In 2019, Louis Vuitton started experimenting with placing chips in their handbags and leather goods and “unofficially” have moved to using this model instead of placing a date code inside as of March 2021.

Image via RFID News and NOT the actual chip that Louis Vuitton may or may not use

Counterfeiting is the biggest reason as to why they would switch plus it makes it easier to follow the supply chain when everything is on the blockchain. If you’re not familiar with the technology or are curious about it, I have included a couple of links that break it down below and an image of where to find them in your new Louis Vuitton!

Image courtesy of FoxyLV

To dispel a couple of myths that seem to be going around:

  • You cannot be tracked with a chip inserted into one of your bags unless that chip has been implemented for that reason which LV does not seem to be doing.
  • It will not harm you.
  • When scanning a chip, you may not see the information that the brand sees. Isn’t that the whole point?

What is RFID?

What is Blockchain?