Louis Vuitton Authentication Guide & Date Codes



When a Louis Vuitton date code is present, it allows you to determine where and when that item was manufactured and this guide has been created to teach you how to read them correctly from when they first started appearing in the 1980’s to the present time.

Date Codes cannot solely be utilized to authenticate a Louis Vuitton item as vintage pieces will not have a date code, relined items will have a new date code and several Louis Vuitton handbags are known to have the same date code. Learning where certain Louis Vuitton items are manufactured along with knowing how to disseminate the coinciding numbers; this guide is a great tool to teach you not only what the letters and numbers mean but also whether they make sense for that factory and will allow you to actually learn and see if that item was actually manufactured at the correct place and time.

This guide was created by combining all of the best information found online from the top websites and several discussions with true industry professionals. Without Louis Vuitton’s input, there is no way to know every date code but this guide will allow you to understand and read date codes enough to know if that bag is authentic.

Date Code Timeline

Early 1980s and Before: No Date Codes

Louis Vuitton did not use date codes before the early 1980s

Early to Mid 1980s Date Codes: Three or Four Digits

The first two numbers indicate the year, and the last one or two numbers indicate the month.

Mid to Late 1980s Date Codes: Three or Four Digits with Two Letters

The first two numbers indicate the year, and the last one or two numbers indicate the month.

Early 1990 to 2006 Date Codes: Two Letters with Four Digits

The first and third numbers represent the month, and the second and fourth numbers represent the year.

2007 to Present Day: Two Letters with Four Digits (Number System was Revised)

The second and fourth numbers represent the year. The letters continued to represent the specific factory where the item was manufactured.

1990s: 2 letters 4 numbers (TH 1920) = December 1990

TH is the factory location while the 1st and 3rd numbers are the month and the 2nd and 4th are the year of production

2007: 2 letters 4 numbers (TH 3077) = 37th week of 2007

TH is the factory location while the 1st and 3rd numbers are the week and the 2nd and 4th are the year of production

French Company: No date code – Tyvek tag

Saks Fifth Avenue: No date code. – Saks Fifth Avenue stamp

Fabric Design: No date code – stamp

Deciphering 1980’s Date Codes

3 numbers (821) = January 1982 (3rd number is the month, 1st two numbers are the year)

4 numbers (8312) = December 1983 (Last two numbers are the year, first two are the month)

2 letters 3 numbers (TH 863) = France March 1986 (First two letters are the factory code, last number is the month and first two are the year)

3 numbers 2 letters (864 TH) = April 1986 France ( Last number is the month, first two numbers are the year and the two letters are the factory code)

2 letters 4 numbers (SP 8811) = France November 1988
(First two letters are the factory code, first two numbers are the year and last two numbers are the month)

4 numbers 2 letters (8910 AA) = October 1989 France
(First two numbers are the year, second two numbers are the month and the two letters are the factory code)

Louis Vuitton Factories

France – A0, A1, A2, AA, AAS (SO), AH, AN, AR, AS, AX, BA, BJ, BU, DR, DU, DT, CO, CT, CV, CX, ET, FL, GR, IT, LA, LW, MB, MI, MS, NO, RA, RE (also Italy) RI, SA (also Italy) SD, (also USA) SF, SL, SN, SP, SR,TA, TH, TJ, TR, TS, VI, V.I., VX

Germany – LP, OL

Italy – BA, BO, BC (also Spain), CE, FA (also Switzerland), FO, LE, MA, NQ, NZ, OB, PL, RE, RC, RO, SA (also France), ST, TD

Spain – BC (also Italy) , CA, CR, GI, LB, LM, LO, LW, UB

Switzerland – DI, FA (also Italy)


Restoration & Date Codes: If an item has been restored by Louis Vuitton, it will be issued a new serial number. If you find an item with conflicting date codes, this could be why (date code for an item made in France but interior logo states Made In Spain)

Picture courtesy of ProAuthetnicators

This is just an example that Louis Vuitton can make mistake in stamping and forget the fact that they’re perfect. They can make mistake. toiletry with the mistaken date code stamped. It was bought in 2007 but Louis Vuitton stamped to 2017 by mistake.

Factory Abbreviations and Materials

A0 (France)
A1 (France)
A2 (France) Mono Canvas, Epi
AA (France) Mono Canvas, Vernis, Damier Ebene
AAS (France) Special Order
AC (Spain) Belts, materials pending
AH (France) Empriente
AR (France) Mono Canvas, CB, Damier Canvas, Epi, LV Cup, Suhali
AS (France) Suhali, Epi, Vernis, Mini Lin
AX (France) Mono Canvas
BA (France) Mat Mono, Vernis, CB, Damier Ebene, Mono Canvas, Damier Azur
BC ( Spain & Italy) Pending
BJ (France) Mat Mono, Epi, Vernis
BU (France) Mono Canvas
CA (Spain) Mono Canvas, CB, Epi, Mini Mono, Vernis, MC, Damier Canvas, Mat Mono, Damier Azur, Suhali, Glace, Groom
CE (Italy) Vernis, Damier Sauvage
CR (Spain) Damier Canvas
CT (France) Mono Canvas, Cerises, Mono Groom, Damier Canvas
DR (France) Vernis, Damier Canvas
DU (France) Mono Canvas, Mono Mirage, Damier Canvas
ET (France) Mono Canvas
FC (USA) Mono CanvasFA (Switzerland, Italy) Monte Carlo Loafer, Damier Azur ballerinas
FH (USA) Mono Canvas
FL (France, USA – rare, lining replacement?) Mono Canvas, MC, Damier Canvas, Mono Denim, Epi, Vernis, Damier Azur Canvas
FO (Italy) Damier Lune,Paris
GI (Spain) Mono Canvas, Damier Ebene
IT (France) Epi
JA (France) Patent sandal from 2009 RTW
KU (?) Taiga desk set
LA (USA & France) Monogram & Pending
LM (Spain) Mat Mono, Vernis, Damier Canvas, Suhali
LW (Spain) Vernis
MA (Italy) Balmoral Heels
MB (France) Mono Canvas, Damier Canvas, Damier Azur, Mono Charms, Mono Motard, Idylle
MI (France) Mono Canvas, Mini Mono, Vernis, Mat Mono, Damier Canvas, Epi, Damier
Azur, Mono Dentelle, MC, Damier Centenaire, Mono Perfo, Cerises
MS (France)
NQ (Italy) 2007 heels
NZ (Italy) Pending
PL (Italy) Motard Minaudiere
RA (France) Mono Canvas, Damier Canvas
RC (Italy) Mono Denim, Nimbus
RI (France) Vernis, Tobago
SA (Italy & France) Mono Canvas, Damier Azur
SD (USA & France) Mono Canvas, MC, Damier Canvas, Damier Azur
SF (France) Mono Canvas, Damier Ebene Canvas
SL (France) Mono Canvas, MC
SN (France) MC Wish Bracelet, Mini Mono Wish Bracelet, Vernis Wish Bracelet
SP (France) Mono Canvas, Mini Mono, Damier Canvas, Epi, Mono Denim, MC, Cerises, Damier Azur, Mono Perfo, Mirage, Mini Lin
SR (France) Mono Canvas, Mini Mono, MC, Mono Satin, Epi, Vernis
TA (France) Mono Canvas
TD (Italy) loafers
TH (France) CB, MC, Vernis, Mat Mono, Suhali, Damier Canvas, Mono Canvas, Damier Azur, Mono Mini, Epi, Mono Leopard
TJ (France) Mono Canvas, Damier Canvas
TN (France) Mahina
TS (France) Vernis
TR (France) Vernis, Monogram Canvas
TX (USA) Damier Ebene ~ additional materials pending
UB (Spain) Epi ~ additional materials pending
VI (France) Mono Canvas, Mini Mono, Vernis, Damier Canvas, Epi, Mono Denim, MC, Damier Azur
VX (?) Mono garment bag born in April 1988 FC, FH, LA, OS, SD, FL

Date Code Notes:

BA – Mostly France but there have been some LE pieces made in Spain
CA – Mostly Spain but there have been some Vernis made in France in 1999
FC – USA bags made in 1980’s
LA – USA bags which are largely discontinued (have appeared on Boulogne 30, Montsouris Moyen, Papillon 26, Speedy 30, Pochette Orsay)
SD – France bags prior to ~1995 until opening of San Dimas when SD became USA

Date Codes Seen On Special Order Items:

AAS 11339 (France) SO Epi item
AAS 12655 (France) SO Epi item
DU… (France) SO Damier Looping
AAS… (France) Mono wallet

Date Codes Seen On Re-Lined Items

DK 1047 (France)
DK 4077 (France)
DK 2907 (France)
DK 1068

Date Codes Seen On Accessories

DT 0120 (France) Bolt Key Ring 2010
CX 0132 bag charm
DR 0112 chain

*SO = Special Order

Feel free to save for future reference but if you re-post, please give credit!

Louis Vuitton can and will change how date codes are arranged and where they are located in different items so when shopping resale, always make sure you are purchasing froma reputable reseller or at least, have your items authenticated.

Information to create this guide was taken from several websites and you can visit them below:

Authentication Files

Couture USA

Material World

Yoogis Closet

I do hope this was helpful in teaching you how to to read a Louis Vuitton date code and if you have any questions or ideas for other guides, please feel free to reach out!


84 Responses
  • Shawn
    August 5, 2021

    I am purchasing a LV Bijoux Tapage bag charm. I have looked at several on different sites and found date codes starting with CK. I can’t find that prefix in any site. From what I can see, they are all authentic, but I am confused about the code. Here are some: CK1111, CK0171. One person even had receipt. Thanks so much!

  • Euzyne
    May 16, 2021

    Hi! I just bought a Limited Louis Vuitton PETITE MALLE Python Mini Trunk. I tried to look for it online but not much information about it. I checked the date code, it is LB0106. Is it an authentic bag? since I am confused about the week number 00.

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      June 1, 2021

      See my other comment 😉

      • Ruth
        June 2, 2021

        So I have a bag found in a old house the date code is MI1068 which according to what I have read that will mean it’s fake correct ? This bag is very different looking like a old style but I’m not sure.

        • Closet Full Of Cash
          June 2, 2021

          Yes. From your date code, it would mean that the bag was made in the 16th month of 2008 so it is safe to assume that your bag is not authentic. Sorry.

      • DM
        June 10, 2021

        I bought Louis Vuitton ebene mm and the date code is VI3128 is this fake?

        • Closet Full Of Cash
          July 14, 2021

          Date COdes are counterfeited so just because a bag has one and it makes sense, it does not mean that the bag is authentic.

        • Heather
          July 28, 2021

          I have a Cabas Piano. Date code VI1011. It has the tan leather inside that says. Louis Vuitton
          Made in France
          Is this a correct color?

          • Closet Full Of Cash
            August 3, 2021

            Sounds like it’s a vintage bag

  • Vincent
    April 20, 2021


    I have a bag with code LI8668… is it fake?

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      April 20, 2021

      Not authentic. This would mean the bag was made in the 86th week of 1968 and they did not start using date codes until the 19080’s

    • Diana
      May 1, 2021

      I just got a lv bag date code dk4187 i cant find this code anywhere. Is it real or fake?

      • Closet Full Of Cash
        May 2, 2021

        DK is for relined items.

    • Euzyne
      May 16, 2021

      Hi! I just got a limited Louis Vuitton PETITE MALLE python leather with a code LB 0106. Is it authentic?

      • Closet Full Of Cash
        June 1, 2021

        Date codes are only there to determine when and where a bag is made. These are counterfeited also so I would need to see the bag to offer an opinion. Please feel free to share images via email or the chat feature.

      • Cami
        June 8, 2021

        Hi! I have a Louis Vuitton Pochette with code VI2220. Is it real or fake?

        • Closet Full Of Cash
          June 10, 2021

          Date codes are not an indication of authenticity as those are counterfeited also.

    • Ana
      July 10, 2021

      Is it possible that Louis Vuitton Pallas in Monogram has code SN0176?

      • Closet Full Of Cash
        July 14, 2021

        The date code makes sense but this can also be counterfeited. I would have it professionally authenticated.

  • Charlene
    February 18, 2021

    Hi, my essential trunk does not have a code inside, may I know why? Thanks.

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      February 20, 2021

      Two reasons, If it was made within the last few months, there may be a chip inside instead of a date code. Second, not authentic.

      • Kate
        March 28, 2021


        Do you know if the Louis Vuitton denim rucksack (pre 2006) has a date code and if so where it would be? Ive inherited one from a family member who would never (knowingly) buy a fake but can’t find a code. Thanks

        • Closet Full Of Cash
          March 30, 2021

          The date code would be printed in the interior lining of the interior pocket.

  • Katherine
    February 10, 2021

    Thank you for answering my question so fast.

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      February 16, 2021

      Of course!

      • Andreea Popa
        March 27, 2021

        hello.i have a bag and the code is SN7342.can you please tell me is the real or fake?thank you

        • Closet Full Of Cash
          March 30, 2021

          Not authentic. The date code would mean that the bag was made in the 74th week of 2032!

      • Eleni
        May 28, 2021

        Hello, I have a bag with date code AR3086, and all the articles I’ve seen say that LV didn’t start using weeks until 2007. The 38th week of 2006 seems fishy. Is this real? Thanks so much!

        • Closet Full Of Cash
          June 1, 2021

          While that is true about the date codes moving from months to weeks in 2007, seeing the bag itself along with the date code will be most helpfull. Feel free to share images via email or the chat feature.

      • Erica Killeen
        May 31, 2021

        I have a bag and the serial number is on the bottom and when I put it in google the bag comes up over 1000 dollars is it real or fake

        • Closet Full Of Cash
          June 1, 2021

          It’s hard to determine without knowing the style of the bag, the placement of the date code, and knowing what the date code is. You can share images through email or the chat feature

  • hale yaşar
    February 5, 2021

    Hİ.Can you check M60929 code pls. Probably fake but ım not sure

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      February 16, 2021

      Not a date code, it’s supposed to be a style code but does not belong in a bag

    • Tricia
      March 29, 2021

      My date code for my belt is AC 3107 and it’s authentic, but when I try to put it in the LV date code finder, it says it’s invalid. Why is this? I saw AC means “materials pending,” so what does that mean?

      • Closet Full Of Cash
        March 30, 2021

        Please do not use the online date code checkers. They are not accurate and even if the date code does come up, it doesn’t make your item authentic. AC denotes Spain and the numbers would mean that it was made in the 30th week of 2017.

    • Elena rohan
      April 4, 2021

      Hola, podría verificar el código M92814 pertenece a una edición especial de Takashi Murakami cerices, he visto varios bolsos que se venden como originales con Ian sola letra y 5 dígitos, incluso con certificado

      • Closet Full Of Cash
        April 20, 2021

        Thats a style number, not a date code

  • unknowninquirer
    October 25, 2020

    I found a vintage looking Damier Azur Berkeley LV Bag on a box sent to us from abroad. The hardware, canvass, stitching, metal plate and the leather looks very convincing, it looks authentic. But, I checked the date code and it say CA40211 and I looked it up online and found this article and other articles too, for reference, but these articles only show date codes that has 4 digits after the two letters. What do you think? Is it just a good copy of an LV bag or something else? Thank you in advance! Hope you can respond.

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      November 12, 2020

      That’s too many numbers for a date code to be correct. It should be two letters and four numbers.

  • Rose edge
    July 26, 2020

    Hello, I have several Louie Vuitton, Speedy 30 sp0952, sp0016, they both are made in France on stamp,
    TH1012, made in France too.

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      July 26, 2020

      They are all good serial numbers but those can be faked too. You need to look at the bag on a whole, leather, monogram, stitching, hardware and heat stamp to determine authenticity.

      • Dannie
        August 29, 2020

        Hi does the factory in AR make the Damier Ebene? Also does anyone know about the different fonts used on date codes?

        • Closet Full Of Cash
          August 29, 2020

          Yes for Ebene and Beginners Guide to Louis Vuitton which has been updated shows visually the different date codes by location. The first edition had a few typos but the content is solid.

  • Nicole
    July 25, 2020

    I purchased an LV bag from an estate sale. I asked the owner if it was authentic and she assured me it was. After I got home and look further into it I think it’s a really good fake. I can barely see the date code. It is MM6998. Which to me is odd

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      July 25, 2020

      The date code does not make sense. For one, MM is not a factory an this would mean that it was made in the 69th month of 1998! Sorry

      • Anouk
        March 25, 2021

        LM0054 real of replica?

        • Closet Full Of Cash
          March 30, 2021

          Date codes can be counterfeited so even though it makes sense, does not make the item authentic.

  • Jean Venegas Vargas
    July 18, 2020

    I am going to buy a Louis Voutton Graceful MM BAG , looks like it was made in USA, also has the TX 0179 ,
    is there a way to know if the bag is fake or not?….. only whit this inormation

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      July 18, 2020

      Date codes are faked all the time so while you determine where and when the bag was made, you cannot determine authenticity just the the code.

  • LM
    July 13, 2020

    Is this Date-code legit? SP2158

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      July 18, 2020

      It depends on the bag. Does it make sense? Yes but you cannot determine authenticity on just a date code

    • Donna
      April 9, 2021

      Hi, is code RA-1780-026 real?

      • Closet Full Of Cash
        April 15, 2021

        For Louis Vuitton? No.

  • Linda
    March 19, 2020

    Are there any Date Codes that begin with HW?

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      March 19, 2020

      I haven’t seen any with that manufacturing facility. What type of item is it?

      • Young Lim
        March 24, 2020

        VI3128 IS FAKE DATE CODE?

        • Closet Full Of Cash
          March 25, 2020

          You cannot authenticate by a date code, it just tells you where and when the bag was manufactured

  • Noora
    March 17, 2020

    Can an LV bag have a production date in the future? For example MI3210, which means week 31 of 2020, a date which is still to come.

    Hope you can reply as soon as possible.

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      March 17, 2020


      • Noora
        March 17, 2020

        Thanks for the reply. So basically a bag with such a code would probably be fake?

        • Closet Full Of Cash
          March 17, 2020

          Yes. There is zero reason, except that the bag is fake, for any date code to be in the future.

      • Sia
        July 7, 2020

        I don’t understand what makes the leather patch early on and the one on the cigarette pack fake? I have a LV Bumbag that has that same patch and the owner would never have bought a knock off.

        • Closet Full Of Cash
          July 7, 2020

          Vintage bags that have the leather patch was for the customers monogram to be placed there. The bum bag, if not purchased recently would be a knockoff but feel free to share pictures so I can take a look!

  • LouisLvrJR
    February 6, 2020

    I purchased the coin card holder, directly from the Louis Vuitton website, which has a stamp inside that reads “Made in Italy,” however, the date code starts with FH, which I’ve seen indicates made in the US- why/how could this be? Tried calling them directly and the personnel who I spoke with said she couldn’t really answer that for me, which I thought was strange.

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      February 6, 2020

      Was this a recent purchase? If you purchased from Louis Vuitton directly, you should be fine even though it doesn’t make sense. What you have to remember is that they will change things up (factory codes) and it’s not like they will alert people. While I haven’t heard of this for that date code, I will keep an eye our to see if I hear of FH meaning a different factory code.

      • LouisLvrJR
        February 7, 2020

        Yes, just purchased this week. But I came across a couple ladies on the purse forum who have the same exact issue with the Felicie Pochette bought right from their stores-perhaps just switching it up with the codes like you said. Thank you for your quick response!

    • T
      March 8, 2020

      I just purchased a Felicie Pochette in Empriente Noir and my date code starts with FH and my bag also says made in Italy. I purchased from a Louis Vuitton store. I think it’s fine and may be a change in factory code.

      • Closet Full Of Cash
        March 8, 2020

        This was an old factory code but may be back in circulation.

    • B
      March 25, 2020

      I also purchased a coin card holder from the Louis Vuitton website that has a date code starting with FH and says ‘made in Italy.’

      • Closet Full Of Cash
        March 25, 2020

        Can you send me a photo of the date code and logo? Would like to see it!

  • Angie
    January 21, 2020

    Can a Neverfull be authentic with a date code of SD110

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      January 21, 2020

      No, it should have two letters and four numbers, not three….but, date codes are not a way to authenticate an item as those are counterfeited also.

      • Jason
        July 8, 2020

        I was given a bag with a detached paper tag with code M92643. Inside the bag, the leather tab is stamped RA-92643.
        The detached tag may have come from a wallet or other accessory.

        Nothing on this page, and others, shows a code version with 5 numbers. I did find a page with M listed as a factory code, but not here.

        Regardless, I suppose this hand bag is a fake, eh?
        Personally surprising considering who gave me the bag. They must’ve been swindled.

        • Closet Full Of Cash
          July 8, 2020

          The paper tag is the style number and there is no date code that would be stamped with a dash and five numbers. In the beginning when they first started, 3 numbers would be found, then the addition of the where the bag was made would be the two letters. There are no date codes with 5 numbers, sorry and don’t feel bad. People may not know that an item is not authentic, it’s the ones that do you need to stay away from!

  • Ari
    January 10, 2020

    Hi is there any multicolor monogram flatshoes with NQ0096 datecode?

    NQ datecode only for 2007 heels is it? Or it can be for flatshoes. Please help thanks

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      January 10, 2020

      I’m not sure about the shoes, are they listed online Can you share a link? The date code is not a way to authenticate.

  • Gina
    December 23, 2019

    On the pictures above, what is it that tells you that they are fakes? Many do not show that it is a date code mishap, so I am just curious as to what made you spot them? I am new to this and am loving my new pieces. Also, I just bought one off Poshmark which came with their own AUTHENTICATION VERIFICATION. They also gave to me in writing if ever my daughter took it into a store to get something replaced and it was deemed fake, that they would give me a full refund. How reputable are re-sell sites like this with their own private authentication teams? Thank you for taking the time to help us all!

    • Closet Full Of Cash
      December 23, 2019

      Honestly, years of experience! That’s great about Poshmark, always happy when companies put authentication first but just remember, it’s all opinion based so make sure you do your homework to see how that certain brand and style should look.

      • Derek
        February 8, 2020

        France SF code on and item with a date code 2133. I was under the impression that SF factory was not opened till 2016

      • Rose edge
        July 26, 2020

        ‘Hello, I have a Lv30 with code stamp on small leather, M41526, it says it should be Lv30 . The number says it should be the serial number of Lv30. Thank you

        • Closet Full Of Cash
          July 26, 2020

          That’s a style number, not a date code and would not be anywhere on an authentic bag.

          • Luningning Pyle
            April 3, 2021

            Hi! I have LV BAG
            I wanted to know is this authentic? Code TR2010
            Made in France.

          • Closet Full Of Cash
            April 15, 2021

            Just because a date code may be valid, it does not make the bag authentic.

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