I am contacted on a daily basis about Louis Vuitton date codes and let me say it for the 1 billionth time, you cannot authentic by date codes. Period.

While the date code in a Louis Vuitton item tells you where the item was made and when, this is not an indicator of an authentic item as these along with everything else is counterfeited which leads me to why I want to discuss the online Louis Vuitton Date Code Calculator.

If you’ve seen this before or if you haven’t, it’s a website that allows you to put in a Louis Vuitton date code and it supposedly tells you whether your item is possibly authentic or if the date code is valid. While I applaud the thinking behind it, do not use this for any other reason than amusement.

It would be different if whomever created this website made their self and their knowledge known or at least how they are coming up with these calculations, so for that reason and the fact that it gets it wrong all the time, do not put any weight into this tool.

If you are looking to have an item authenticated, please click here to find an online or retail location to have your items authenticated.