Is That Bag Authentic?


Is that bag authentic? You’ve either heard this, thought this or answered this question and probably multiple times a day whether you’re buying or selling designer handbags online. Trying to determine authenticity is probably the biggest issue we face when selling resale. With more and more people jumping into the game, whether its a full fledged company or just someone who does this on the side, gone are the days of what you know. It’s all about what your customers don’t.




I’m pretty good at spotting fake handbags but I’ve been researching, buying and selling for over ten years. As a seller, how do you instill confidence in a potential customer who may be new to that brand or just doesn’t have the knowledge? Using an online authentication company has been the norm in the past but wouldn’t your customers have more confidence in you and your products if there was a better way to authenticate those higher priced items?

I was visiting a resale store a couple of weeks ago and was having a lovely conversation with the owner. She had these beautiful glass cases filled with Louis Vuitton bags (my dream) but one stood out from the rest, just didn’t look right especially because the leather  was much darker. I knew it wasn’t a vintage piece, but it honestly just looked fake. Now I’ve know this owner for awhile and she is absolutely fabulous and trustworthy so I asked what was the story with this bag?

She told me the woman who consigned the bag has the leather replaced and she offered to show me the receipt from the cobbler. What? No thanks, I’ll pass. And just like that you have lost a sale.

It doesn’t matter what you know, it’s what your customers don’t. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people saying they refuse to buy high end handbags from re-sellers (big companies and single sellers alike) because they have been burned in the past. Not everyone has the knowledge you or I do so they stay away. Guaranteeing authenticity just doesn’t cut it anymore. You need to instill the confidence in your buyers from the beginning and last time I checked, none of you do this for fun. This is your livelyhood and you work really hard to grow your business so why wouldn’t you do every single thing you could to gain more customers?

Let me first state that I do NOT work for this company, although if they did offer me a position, I would jump on it. I believe in this technology so much that I want everyone who sells designer handbags to know that this is the tool that will not only help you grow your business, it will keep people coming back.



I’ve wrote about Entrupy when I first heard about this mobile, on demand authentication device and you can read that post here, but what I’m excited about now is a couple of things. First, they’ve made the set-up process even easier. If you’re a re-seller of high end handbags and accessories, just go to the website and click Buy Now. No more Requesting Access! Second, they have launched two new styles to the authentication process, Louis Vuitton Damier Azure and Gucci Monogram Canvas.

Here are the designer and styles they authenticate:

  • Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas
  • Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene
  • Lousi Vuitton Damier Azur
  • Gucci Monogram Canvas
  • Chanel: ALL

Hermes will be launching soon and Prada, Fendi and more to follow.

As a seller, taking the time to authenticate a handbag takes time, precious time. Remember the woman I spoke of earlier? The one with the replaced leather on the Louis Vuitton? Well, she took a much needed vacation for a couple of weeks only to return to a pile of fake handbags that were brought in on consignment. How did that happen? Her employees just didn’t know any better.

This is just a good business decision. You can again, instill the confidence in your customers so they know immediately that all your handbags and accessories have been authenticated, by technology, not by someone who has zero experience.

Whether you get in 1-100 pieces a week, your time is precious and so is your employees. Instead of someone sitting at the computer, searching Google or such, trying to authenticate, Entrupy will tell you immediately whether the item is authentic or not. You can now bring in more inventory and even offer the Entrupy service to your customers. While we would love everyone only to shop with us, chances are your customers are buying from everywhere. Offer in person authentication for those pieces they bought elsewhere. You have now created a new revenue stream for your company, gained the confidence of potential customers (and existing) with them knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you only sell authentic designer pieces.

Only sell online? Add the authentication certificate to your listings. Place the badge on your website. Customers will look for these key things before they buy, trust me and even online authentication experts are now offering in-house authentications with the Entrupy device.

Times are changing and you need to keep up with your customers demands. Putting it out there front and center that you only sell authentic designer goods, and back that up with the Entrupy technology is the future of resale.

Feel free to reach out to the Entrupy if you have questions or your ready to sign up and you can watch the video of Designer Vault authenticating a Chanel Boy Bag on our Youtube channel.


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