There’s been much talk and reporting on Australian resale company Cosette and their selling of counterfeit luxury bags in the news lately and from the looks of it, this has been going on for a while. 

On July 27th, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that women were starting to accuse Cosette of selling them fake luxury handbags and at least 75 have lodged complaints within a week. 

On Sunday, this masthead revealed that Cosette – which says it sources authentic designer bags at a discounted price from European suppliers under parallel importing arrangements – had sold handbags to a number of customers who allege the bags were fake, after having them inspected by independent experts. Cosette has repeatedly denied ever selling counterfeit goods.”

Ah, the European Supplier. Look, I’ve been in this industry long enough to know how this works with these suppliers and this is why the below statement from Cosette doesn’t fly. 

Now I’m not stating that Cosette has had any knowledge of this (cough cough), but I do know that several resale companies have and continue to sell these counterfeit bags from their “european suppliers. 

“All items we receive from our European suppliers are new and guaranteed authentic.” -Cosette

Here’s how it works with those suppliers: 

You purchase bags from your “European Supplier” and the first batch is good, passes authentication so you buy more. 

The second batch is a mix, maybe mostly authentic and then a couple of counterfeits thrown in. You’ve done so well, making money and the fakes look like mirrors to the authentic, you figure no one will ever know so you sell those too. 

Now you’re getting sent more fakes and using that original authentication certificate, just making copies and sending it along with your mirror fakes. 

People start to get suspicious and authenticate on their own and now you have a shit show. 

This happens more often that you know and especially with Gucci and YSL bags so if you purchased either one of these brands that look to be brand new, I would highly suggest getting it authenticated through a reputable authentication company which you can find here.

Now, did Cosette know that some of the bags they were selling were fake? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that they had to have an idea that some of these bags were not authentic and the fact that all authentications were done “in-house”, especially with their track record, someone somewhere in their operations had to have known. 

Keep reading below as I pulled all the latest articles on Cosette and from the looks of it, business is not good.  

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I’ve said this a million times before and I will continue to say it. If you are looking to buy authentic luxury bags, stop looking at the lowest price and start looking at the companies, or the people selling). It’s not their responsibility to make sure you receive an authentic bag, it’s yours so do your homework, start educating yourself and use a reputable third party authentication company and one more note, it always makes me very nervous when a company has nothing but brand new, in season bags in multiple colors. Not saying that they are fake but definitely be cautious. 

Featured image courtesy of Cosette