InstantLuxe and Private Griffe To Close


With the announcement of the closure of InstantLuxe and Private Griffe, 2018 has shaped up to be quite brutal for some of the largest players int he resale space.

InstantLuxe, the luxury resale marketplace based in the UK announced on their website that they will closing their doors at the end of the year.

Private Griffe, another large marketplace based in the UK announce  that they will be closing their doors immediately.

Privategriffe’s adventure ends today
Unfortunately, all the commitment, the dedication, the enthusiasm we invested were not enough to write a good ending for our story. But it was really a beautiful story and we are happy to have written it with you, grateful for the affection and trust you have shown us from the beginning.

Coco Chanel said “I don’t regret anything in my life, except what I didn’t do”. we are proud of what in these 6 years we built together: more than 200 thousand users, a catalogue of Over 50 thousand products, 160 thousand followers on Facebook and 14 thousand people on Instagram.

Privategriffe was not just a marketplace for fashion enthusiasts, but a place of meeting, sharing experiences, fashion and life advice. Every bag, every pair of shoes, every outerwear, every accessory that is on our platform, has told us something about you, about your personal history that you wanted to share with our community. You gave every boss purchased a second life, a second chance, because good things, icons that made great fashion deserve to be eternal.

What will happen to your orders

From today it will no longer be possible to make new orders, but those already carried out are guaranteed, because we will remain operational until 4

We hope to have transmitted you, in these years, the sincere passion that has moved us since the first day of activity, and we hope that when opening the closet and you will happen under your eyes that boss you found on privategriffe, you will look back at us A smile.

Thank you very much

The team team

Including Designer Vault’s closure just a couple of weeks ago, these are three major players in the luxury resale space that have been around for years that have suddenly closed up shop, right in the middle doing business and why pay someone else what you can do yourself? This trend is going to continue through 2019 with the ease of selling items yourself on social media, trust me.

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