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Dupe. This is a word I have hear of many times of before, but this past weekend, took on a whole new meaning and it’s not good. Let me start this post by saying first, I do not begrudge anyone from making a living and I think I have already established myself and Closet Full Of Cash as a huge promoter of everyone in this industry and I completely believe in the influencer marketing platform as I’ve have seen so many positive results from it and I think it will continue to grow and grow. My views and beliefs are my own and if you do no agree, then piss off. Kidding! My point is, is that I come from a place of wanting everyone to succeed but I do draw the line when you are putting profits before doing the right thing and that is where we start today.

This all started Sunday evening when I saw a post on Facebook about an Instagram influencer with a pretty massive following promoting counterfeit products called “dupes”. I clicked over to her profile and was instantly pissed because she is promoting counterfeit belts and bags and makes little jokes about it. I mean, a good influencer talent agency worth their salt won’t touch her with a barge pole now. Her stories were full of fakes from Amazon and literally, made me sick.

Before I get ahead of myself, let’s look up the definition of a dupe.

Now, if you were to do a quick hashtag search on Instagram with that word, you will pull up tons of pictures of makeup, which makes a lot of sense. One commentator explained it like this. “Just means that there’s a cheaper version of a product. For example, a MAC lipstick color may be available in a Revlon? color.” What that means is that if you cannot find that color in Revlon, Mac has one that’s close or a near perfect match of it.

What does not make sense is when someone on Instagram promotes dupes that are exact replicas of luxury branded products. This is called promoting counterfeits, it’s illegal and I have zero tolerance for that. Whiteny Rife , who is an Instagram “influencer” with over 83 thousand followers, has plastered and readily promotes dupes on her page and in her stories. With that amount of followers, I think it would be fair to guess (allegedly) that she is getting paid by the Chinese counterfeiters to link back to their cheap products. Why else would you do that? She knows better then that, blocked me when I called her out for it but continues to do it.

If you think that purchasing or promoting counterfeit goods in any way is okay, you are wrong. If you knew that a child was making that belt or handbag or women were locked in underground factories making those shoes, would it make a difference to you? It should.? If you knew that the money made in the counterfeit industry funded sexual trafficking, child slavery, drug trafficking, ISIS, Al Qaeda, illegal guns and and more, would you still buy that belt, bag or shoes? How about if that $25 dollar fake Gucci belt makes you or yoru kids sick from the chemicals due to zero factory regulations? Would you think twice then?

How about the money lost and not just to the brands due to trademark infringement? Let’s think about the city and state tax that is lost that could have gone to schools, elderly care programs,? animal shelters and so much more. When you buy dupes, you’re hurting the small resale company in your town that is someones dream, maybe trying to keep a roof over their families head and you’re choosing to purchase complete bullshit that’s going to fall apart in two weeks.

I get that we cannot all afford a new Chanel bag or a Gucci belt but let’s keep this into perspective, it’s a want, not a need. There are hundreds if not thousands of reputable resale companies all over the world that offer great deals on authentic pieces or even offer layaway. Try one of them before you spend your hard earned money on a complete piece of crap that not going to last but more so, you have to live with yourself knowing that where the money you spent went and who made that item. Please, take a moment and get a visual there.

Now, if you are promoting counterfeit goods, I will report you to whomever I need to because this is something I cannot stand allow. DO NOT PROMOTE COUNTERFEIT GOODS. If you are confused as to why it’s wrong, please feel free to reach out to me and I would be more then happy to have a conversation privately with you to help educate you.

Don’t think Amazon is getting off easy either. They are the absolute worst in allowing counterfeiters to use their platform to sell these goods and all they do is turn a blind eye. It’s not just luxury brands either, it’s almost everyone who has created something and placed on their platform to sell. Trust me, I’m working on that one too.

To educate yourself,? I recommend the below reading materials:


Deluxe: How Luxury Lost It’s Luster by Dana Thomas available on Amazon


The Counterfeit Culture – available on Amazon Prime

Read the blog:

The Truth About Counterfeit Handbags by Becca Risa Luna

Then, set an alert in Google for the word counterfeit. Just be forewarned, it’s not good.

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