This is a post that is long overdue and I’m going to break down is the easiest way possible, how to shop safely online.

Authentication aside, how you pay is even a bigger deal and if you’re not careful you could be out all your money and stuck with an item that could be anything from fake, not as described or how about a box of bricks (yes, it’s happened).

All designer resale companies take major credit cards or Paypal for payments but when your shopping off Instagram, Facebook or any App, you need to make sure your money is covered.

There are only two ways to pay, Paypal or by your credit card. DO NOT EVER pay by email, Paypal Friends and Family or any other way. You will have zero recourse if anything goes wrong and you’ll end up fighting like hell to get your money back if you even can.

The horror stories I have heard of people losing thousands of dollars to unscrupulous sellers makes me so frustrated because it could have easily been avoided. Don’t believe any sob stories, or how they’re at their limit, their account is frozen……blah, blah, blah.

Be careful where and how you’re spending your hard earned money!

BTW, I started work full time a couple of weeks ago so until I get up to speed, postings will be a little light for the next couple of weeks!