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Buying and selling on Facebook has become the place to unload that old Coach bag all the way up to this seasons Louis Vuitton. There are huge advantages to utilizing this platform for your sales (no fee’s, total control) but with all good things, there is a seedy side to this selling platform. There are several things you can do to make sure your buying and selling experience is a good one for both you and the customer.

Remember how easy it was to create your Facebook profile? Well, there’s a lot of “fake” people out there so doing your homework on a seller is the first place you want to start. Not that will tell you everything you need to know but when you click on their name and view their profile, if only see one profile pic and absolutely nothing else, proceed with caution.

If you’re in a specialty group or any other group, feel free to post your questions. Most all the people in these groups are not only seasoned buyers and sellers but they’re there to help. I have seen some of the kindest interactions within these groups and they really try and share their knowledge of that particular brand.

Make sure you read the rules first before posting. Each group is run by a different set of admins (some may overlap) but each one has their own set of rules. Make sure you abide by them and if you’re not sure, just ask.

If you want to post something to a group and after you have read the rules are still not sure if it’s allowed, reach out to an admin first. PM (private message) them and ask if it’s is okay to post whatever your going to post. Bottom line, respect the admins of each board.


All payments are made through Paypal and while I touched on this before, make sure you always pay under Goods and Services, never the Family or Friends option. No matter what the seller says or what their sob story is, and you’ll hear them all, always make sure your purchases are covered.

Below I’m going to outline things you need to do as a buyer and a seller.


Take clear, bright photos of what your selling. The more angles the better and make sure you include all the little details (interior tags, date codes…..)

Describe in detail any and all flaws. You do not want the headache of someone wanting a return because your description was lacking details.

Make sure you measure everything. If it’s clothing, make sure you take all measurements. If you’re not sure how or where to measure, click here.

The price you see listed on an item includes the shipping and PayPal fees. PayPal is 2.9% plus $.30 of the total and shipping can be anywhere from $1.00 on up. Make sure you include these costs and fees in the price of your listing.

Tracking. It’s $1.05 when shipping at the post office but cheaper when printing your labels out on the website.

Here’s how the selling process works. You list an item, describe it in detail and have your price set. Each group is different as some honor the process of a buyer commenting “interested” below your posting. In the higher end groups it’s basically left up to the seller. The buyer will comment, “PM’d you? It’s up to you to honor the sale either way.

Now that you have your buyer, they will share their PayPal email address and you can invoice them. It’s an understanding among all the boards that payment should be made immediately or at the latest, within 24 hours.

As soon as your receive payment if you haven’t already, get your package ready to ship. If you need help on the how’s and what to include, click here. Make sure you ship within 48 hours. If you cannot, be honest with the seller and keep him/her informed.

As soon as you create your label (if you’re not shipping from the PayPal website) make sure you upload the tracking number. This is key as the buyer now knows you have started the shipping process. USPS is not always the best at updating the tracking number but you’ve done your job!

Here’s a little tip you’re not going to see anywhere else but here and it will save you in the end. Screenshots. Take screen shots of your conversations with buyers. You have no idea how much this will save you in the end and if your selling multiple items in multiple groups, this is a great way to refer back to whom is buying what and where.

That’s pretty much the process of selling in Facebook groups and buying is way easier!

As a buyer, this is what you need to do:

First and foremost, do not waste the sellers time. If you have no desire to purchase what they’re selling, don’t lead them on.

Second, if you’re purchasing, pay immediately. You just commented so there is no reason why you cannot pay….now.

If you cannot pay, do not buy. Sellers hear the same excuses over and over again. No sob stories for a discount after you’ve committed to purchasing, no blaming it on your mother, sister, significant other. If you purchase, you buy. NO EXCUSES. If you cannot afford, do not buy.

Communication is the key for both buyers and sellers and always follow this rule of thumb, be kind, be honest and above all, be truthful.

One more thing, if you’re looking for something in particular, you can always post ISO (in search of). Every group I am in allows that!

You can find Closet Full Of Cash on Facebook too and if you need some ideas for groups to join, send me a message and I’ll add you to the groups we’re in!


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