How To Read Louis Vuitton Date Codes


It’s been pretty quiet on the designer resale front but I’ve been doing a bit of research on a subject that I didn’t feel I really understood and with all the information and miss information out there, I felt the need to create another guide that can help anyone looking to learn more about Louis Vuitton date codes and how to read them.

Date codes have always given me a head scratch and trying to find information online leads you on a wild goose chase. One website has a list, another website has a partial list then another has conflicting information. So much information and who is right?

It’s so frustrating trying to decipher the dates, how to read them, factory codes, material that was made in the correct factories…….so many websites with different or missing information so I gathered everything I could find online and I created a list. Then I referenced it with all the information I already knew to be true, did some more deep searching online and had several conversations with business owners I trust who knew way more that I did, put all the data together and took out all the bs!


Free Guide: How To Read A Louis Vuitton Date Code

This short but sweet guide will teach you everything you need to know by teaching you how to decipher the letters and numbers that make up a Louis Vuitton date code. There is also a section with factories and the materials that it has produced.

I’ve also included photos of real and fake date codes to give you a pictorial reference for when you may be on the go!

You can download the How To Read A Louis Vuitton Date Code here!

I hope this guide helps you to understand the reasoning behind date codes and gives you just a bit more clarity when reading one!




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