Don’t Shut Out Your Customers


I spend at least five hours a day online researching, writing and drooling over all things designer resale and when I find something that’s fabulous, fits me and it’s at a great price; I have no problem pulling the trigger, immediately! This is what happened two days ago when I found these Givenchy rain boots!

Givenchy Rainboots Duet Curated Consignment

$140 for Givenchy? I was so excited until I realized that I had to jump through hoops to purchase them and this is where I have a problem.

Shopping online should be easy and unfortunately, Duet Curated Consignment is making it difficult.

As a business owner you have every right to choose whether you want to sell your items online or just in your retail location but if you make the choice to list your items under a “shop” tab, I shouldn’t have to “inquire about this item”. Just let me buy the boots!

Duet Curated Consignment


Now because I’m not a fool and really wanted these boots, I filled out the form.


Duet Curated Consignment Form

Now you would think if someone is taking the time to fill out this ridiculous form AND give you my phone number, the seller would jump at the chance to make the sale. Nope. Two days later and I still haven’t heard anything from the website, besides the generic marketing emails. Whilst some people may find these emails irritating or irrelevant, they are normally personalized to the customer’s previous shopping habits. This allows companies to suggest products that they think the customer will enjoy, based on what they’ve previously been purchasing or searching for. Actually, email marketing is one of the best ways for companies to grow and get more customers. These emails are normally targeted for specific purposes to encourage the customer to visit the website again. However, if you’re still waiting for an email or phone call, the seller is probably busy. Be patient and they should get back to you as soon as they can!

Duet Curated Consignment has a beautiful website and they have some amazing pieces on it (hello Givenchy Shark Wedge boots!) but they seriously need to change the way they sell online. You want to make the process as easy as possible, not frustrate your customers.

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