How To Handle Negative Comments And Feedback

Allison has come up with a great post for this weeks Social Media Tip Of The Week.  How to deal with negative comments/feedback on your selling posts.
You’re all ready to post your items for sale on Facebook or Instagram. You’ve carefully taken great photos showing every angle of the item with all logos and dates code in clear view. You’ve described your item in detail warding off any last minute questions people may have. You’ve added in your shipping and payment plan policies so you list! WOO HOO.
Ding, you have a message! Excitedly you’re hoping that your item sold but nope, you have a message. It’s a rude comment followed but questions that you have already answered in your listing.
You’ve heard the saying “You can attract more flies with honey then with vinegar”, well, that’s what you need to do. Be sweet.
Here’s what you need to do if you receive negative comments/feedback on your posts?
There are a few approaches that you can take when you receive negative feedback…
1. Delete it and block the user.
2. Address it politely with kindness to try to remedy the situation.
3. Address it negatively, treat the user rudely, and make the situation worse.
4. Ignore it and not reply to the user.
In my experience it is best to pick option number two. While it does leave the negative comments/feedback on your post, it shows your followers how you handle the other user’s negativity with grace. For example if someone were to comment, “Your prices are much too high.” A good response would be, “We are sorry you feel that way, but our prices always reflect the quality and condition of the items we are selling.” While the other user’s negative comment is still on your post, your response shows that you are professional and you “take the high road” per say. Responding to a negative comment is always better than ignoring it. Replying shows you care about the reputation of your business and take all feedback seriously.
A tough lesson to learn in the world of selling online, and one I am still learning, is that you cannot please everyone…no matter how hard you try. Receiving negative comments/feedback is bound to happen, but know that while someone may be unhappy with you, or what you’re selling, or your prices, it is not your job to make them happy, you can only do your best! It is in your best interest to reply positively, take a deep breath, and move past it!
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