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I’ve stayed away from light colored bags for the sheer fact that they get dirty really easy and until now, I never knew how to clean them. Here comes Lollipuff with another amazing guide and this one is dedicated to Chanel, caviar leather to be exact. Is hared their other guide, how to clean Lousi Vuitton and this one is just as simple to do! You can read their original post here.

How to Remove Stains from Chanel Caviar Leather

By Bebefuzz

Chanel’s celebrated caviar leather is extremely durable making handbags in this leather very desirable. However, lighter-colored caviar leather can get discolored from dirt, color transfer, scuff marks, and oil. But did you know that this beautiful leather can usually be cleaned up pretty easily? See how we removed stubborn stains from a Chanel bag that is nearly 20 years old!



Before attempting to remove any stains, please note that this tutorial is for hard caviar leather. In case this is confusing, please refer to Lollipuff’s Chanel caviar leather guide.

Cleaning Supplies Needed:

1. hard caviar Chanel bag with stains, scuffing and/or color transfer
2. Cadillac boot & shoe care leather conditioner
3. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
4. paper towel or soft colorfast cloth



This off-white hard caviar Chanel bag was in relatively good vintage shape. However, the bottom of the bag had significant stains. They could not be removed with an eraser or soap on a towel. To most people, it seemed that these stains may be permanent.

However, with the right products, the stains were easily and almost entirely removed.

Steps to Removing Stains on Hard Caviar Leather:

1. Break a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in half. Dampen one half with water and squeeze out all excess. Keep the other half dry.
2. Wipe down the stained areas with the damp eraser. Light to moderate pressure is all that is needed; do not apply excessive pressure or repeatedly clean the same area. We recommend spot testing first before cleaning larger areas.
3. Wipe down (lightly) the same areas with the dry eraser.
4. Dampen towel or cloth with Cadillac leather conditioner and rub all over areas that were cleaned to reintroduce some moisture.



The bottom of the bag had the most noticeable wear, and the before and after for this area is very obvious.

This tutorial worked for any area with caviar leather including the straps. It was very fast and very easy. And, the Chanel bag is greatly enhanced.

This process worked very well to clean the bag on hand, but DIY outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Please proceed with caution.

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