How To Authenticate Tory Burch Handbags And Accessories

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There are a few Tory Burch authentication guides online with more showing up as the brand continues to see growth. I’ve included a few of the best links and a great guide from Material World below. A good rule if you have the item in hand, Tory Burch uses several different materials for their bags and shoes but are quality, not cheap and flimsy.Ebay – Tory Burch Reva handbag authentication guide
Purse Forum – This is your best bet in authenticating Tory Burch handbags

Quick note on shoes: There will always be a leather piece under the emblem so you would not see the material the shoe is made of and Tory Burch uses American Sizing (7) not European (37)

From Material World


Tory Burch is known for using a number of different exterior materials like leather, canvas and nylon. Pay close attention to the look and feel of the leather. Tory Burch always uses real leather, though the types of leather will vary depending on style. Tory Burch uses a textured scratch resistant leather for her most popular Robinson line. The texture of this leather should be a very fine cross-hatching pattern throughout with clean casing around the edges. If the bag is made of faux leather, it is definitely not authentic.


The lining of authentic Tory Burch bags often varies depending on style. The most popular material for lining that you will come across is a nylon lining branded with the logo. The nylon lining should be soft to the touch and the circular double T logos printed throughout should be crisp and of varying sizes. The nylon lining will oftentimes (but not always) be the same color as the exterior color of the bag.


The stitching on Tory Burch handbags should be straight, consistent and evenly spaced. The stitching should also be the same color as the rest of the handbag, unless a contrast stitch is part of the aesthetic of that particular style.


The hardware on Tory Burch handbags is typically either gold or silver tone. All of the hardware on the bag should match, as Tory Burch does not mix metal tones. Tory Burch uses logo-stamped zipper pulls and clasps on all of her bags. The zipper pull on an authentic Tory Burch handbag can be stamped with the double T logo or have “TORY BURCH” in all caps stamped on each of the sides of the pull. One important thing to note is that Tory Burch does not stamp the underside of her zippers, nor does she use a specific brand like ykk, riri or lampo. This part of the zipper should be completely blank. On a bag that has a snap button closure, this snap should also be completely blank. Oftentimes cheap replicas will use a snap closure that has a sequence of random letters and numbers stamped on it.


When it comes to logos and stamping, in many Tory Burch handbags you will only find the double T logo emblem on the exterior, interior or both. This logo emblem is always made of metal, and can vary in size and tone depending on the style and hardware of the rest of the bag. More recent Tory Burch bags, however, have the brand name stamped in all caps, in a matching tone to the hardware. The brand name stamp should be clear, crisp and easy to read.

Photographs of authentic and fake Tory Burch handbags and shoes