Learning how to authenticate Prada handbags can be quite easy when you know what to look for. What types of leather do they use? What color metal should the hardware be? What zippers do they use? How should the R look, or the A on their logo? These guides will teach you exactly what to look for and how to authenticate Prada handbags!

Lollipuff – Prada logo authentication guide / test

The RealReal – Prada Saffiano Tote authentication guide

Spot Fake Handbags – Short, Prada handbag authentication guide

Amore Venti – Prada handbag authentication guide that also covers controllata card

Ebay Sakesocal – Generic but decent beginning guide to authenticating Prada handbags

Wikihow – Prada authentication with photos

DetectFakes – Basic Prada handbag authentication guide but good, closeup photos

Wondermika – In depth Prada handbag authentication guide (this website seems to turn on and off at different times so if it’s showing they’re on vacation, just bookmark and check back later)

Purse Forum – Forum to authenticate Prada handbags and shoes

Photo gallery of fake and real Prada handbags