How To Authenticate Kate Spade Handbags and Accessories2018-11-24T10:41:26+00:00

Kate Spade New York is manufactured all over the world so knowing which bag and style was actually made, is key to authenticating her bags. The font is always the sape and those older knockoff bags get it wrong every time. The below guides will teach you what to look for when trying to authenticate Kate Spade handbags and accessories.

the spade is cut out within a square for made for factory rather than just a spade logo for the stores

Droolworthy – Generic Kate Spade handbag authentication guide

Alphabetized List – Makes it a bit easier to find things on their website

The Bag Investigator – Great in depth Kate Spade authentication guide

Purse Forum – Forum for authenticating Kate Spade handbags

Purse Forum – How to tell the difference between Kate Spade outlet items and boutique

Ebay Baby Keanu Vintage – Old four part guide in authenticating Kate Spade via Labels

Part 1) Labels

Part 2) Labels 2

Part 3) Labels 3

Part 4) Labels 4