How To Authenticate Gucci Handbags And Accessories

Gucci, know for it’s monogram, is one of the highest replicated bags around and knowing exactly how those little GG”s are supposed to look or trying to decipher the code underneath the interior tag is your key to only purchasing authentic Gucci online. The guides below are have the most information online to help you learn how to authenticate Gucci handbags and accessories.

Closet Full Of Cash via Short List Dubai – Generic short Gucci handbag authentication guide

The RealReal – Generic Gucci handbag authentication guide with video

Spot Fake Handbags – Generic in depth Gucci handbag authentication guide

Ebay Dunglieng60 – Gucci handbag authentication guide with photos

Fake Hunter – Older 2008) Gucci handbag authentication guide

Deluxemall – They have several Gucci authentication guides that I will link below

Gucci Monograms

Gucci Controllato Card

Gucci Dustbags

Gucci Hardware

Gucci Interior Tag Real vs Fake

Gucci Serial Numbers


Your Authenticator – Gucci sunglass authentication guide

WikiHow – Gucci sunglass authentication guide

Detectfake – Gucci sunglass authentication guide with a few tips


Vintage Fashion Guild – History and photos of Gucci fabric labels

Photographs of authentic and fake Gucci handbags