How To Authenticate Christian Dior Handbags

Christian Dior handbags are truly amazing pieces with each bag being made by hand so authentication should be easy to perform, right? These guides will teach you what to look for and how to tell the difference between an authentic and fake Christian Dior handbag

Closet Full Of Cash via Short List Dubai – Text and Photos authenticating Dior

Spot Fake Handbags – Generic in depth Christian Dior handbag authentication guide

Satchi Authentic Bags – Older Dior handbag authentication but good for reference

Ebay Jimilmathewjacob – Good Dior Lady Bag authentication guide

Lollipuff – Dior authentication guide and quiz

Luxury Haven – Older, short Dior authentication guide

Replica Bags Info –  Another horrible replica site but great detailed info on authenticating Dior