How the Marque Luxury and Ebay Wholesale Auction Works


Last Month, Marque Luxury and Ebay teamed up to bring the first Japan style wholesale auction for luxury goods with a preview of goods in Las Vegas and to say that it was an experience is a huge understatement. I have never witnessed anything like it and the sheer volume of bags and accessories was mind blown!

In case you missed it, I’ll break down how the whole process works and you’re in luck as their next preview has just been announced!

This is only open to dealers so the first thing you need to do is register with Marque Luxury and you can do that here.  You will also have to be a registered user on Ebay but honestly, who isn’t!

Ok, next step is after you have registered is to attend the live auction preview. No, you don’t have to but I think everyone should at least once because it gives you a much better understanding of the what you are bidding on, you can see and feel the items you would like to purchase and bonus, you can meet the Marque Luxury team! You will be overwhelmed in a very good way so be prepared!

Whether you are attending the live preview or not and you plan on bidding, make sure you are registered.

The live preview:

When you get there you will check in with Marque Luxury so make sure you bring all of your business documents with you (resale permit, business license and card) and then you will be given a booklet with everything available to bid on. Next, you start going through all the bins. What you are doing is looking at the items and marking down which bin and the item number in your booklet to keep track of. Each bin has a number (23, 24, 25……) and inside of each bin will be several items, all with tags and numbers. You will find the number on the bin and the item and then you check it off in your booklet so you remember what your bidding on! By attending the preview, you literally get to feel and touch everything you’re interested in and after you’ve marked down everything in your booklet, you can start bidding!

Condition of the items will be grading on a sliding scale which is below:

If you cannot make the preview, you can still take advantage of the auction. After you have registered and right before the preview starts, you will be emailed the link to view and as a registered bidder, you can start bidding on the items you want.

The auction is 3-5 days (still determining the length at post time) and like any other auction on eBay, be prepared to bid your highest if it’s items you really want. I did overhear someone mentioning using a software to ensure he would be high bidder on everything he wanted so, not saying you should but I am not one who likes to lose!

A couple of things to note. There will be a 5% buyers premium on your total along with applicable sales tax (California) and shipping fees but no eBay fees. There are several ways to pay like bank wire, business check, PayPal and Credit Card (3% fees may apply) While the auction may state that it’s “local pick up”, shipping is also available. As the auctions end, you will have three days to pay for your items and will be invoiced with your total from Marque.

I’ve put together a little FAQ below that hopefully will answer all of your questions, if not please reach out to Marque Luxury.

When and where will the auction preview be held? 

July 10-11 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

How many items will be there?

Over two thousand!

Will it just be handbags?

Not only handbags but wallets, jewelry and watches!

Is everything authentic?

Absolutely. Marque Luxury works with several industry professionals for authentication including Entrupy.

What brands will be available?

Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Hermes, Rolex and more!

How do I register?

By visiting the Marque Luxury website

I’m not on eBay, can I still bid?

Nope, you must be a registered user on the Ebay platform as this is the only way you can purchase.

Is there a limit to what I can buy?

You can purchase as little or as much as you would like, no limits!

Can I just purchase at the auction?

No. everything has been tagged and uploaded onto the eBay platform so no cash sales will be allowed.

I don’t want to bid but can I still purchase wholesale for my business? 

Absolutely, just reach out to Marque and they will take care of you!

I have a short video which gives you a great idea of the sheer enormity of the preview on my Instagram and just an FYI, I do not work for Marque Luxury nor any other resale company but I will promote companies that are making bold moves, are doing things right and have great customer service in the resale industry!

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